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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - BREAKING: Stores are selling MK8 EARLY in Paris.

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HAHAHAHAHA this is sooo ridicuolius!!! wow amaizng news!  :D first thread #noonecares.

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Omg what a bunch of fucking cunts! I hope they all get fired!


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Well time to throw a blue shell!

If you're interested in Nintendo content and understand german, maybe you want to take a look at my youtube channel! :)

If I worked at EB I would have sold it the day it arrived at the store... to myself =D



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HAHAH !!!!! I just find this situation Ridicoulsy funny, both at whats happening and the internet hype at this across numerous websites.

by the way.......PEOPLE ARE STREAMING THE GAME! and all are French,,,,,,,,,,or so a few people said in mynintendonews commenst section about this news.

This stuff always happens, and yes there are streams of the game going up on Twitch, as if I hadn't seen enough of the game already! xD

I should be getting my special edition very soon this week!!!

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Pretty much all games get street dates broken.

This happens to a bunch of games everywhere, not big news.