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Forums - Sony Discussion - What is happening to Until Dawn??

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Just think about it, this is a first person game using the move coming out of Sony. PS4 is here and the game still has no date for PS3. Amazon cancelled all preorders spurring rumors of the games cancelation but Sony say its still in development, so maybe its just that Until Dawn (PS3) no longer exists.

It only makes sense that its been moved to PS4 and will support Project Morpheus, why else would they delay a PS3 game for so long, especially into the PS4's life.

Heres the announce trailer just so you can see what the game is like

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It'll get reannounced the same time the last guardian is reannounced.

AKA never. It's probably "on hold" with no one working on it.

I dont know SOny kinda dropped move suport after not bundling the PS eye with the PS4 and dooming the thing.

First time I heard of it lol probably a discontinued project or they are saving it for e3 or so.