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Forums - Sony Discussion - New Infamous: Second Son Trailer "It’s also running at true 1080p."

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"It’s also running at true 1080p."

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Jeez this looks amazing can't wait till it drops through my letter box.

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cool video but calling it a trailer is a bit deceptive...

Waaaaaaaah... those graphics... epic

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the-pi-guy said:
Gonna take my pants off now so I don't have to in 2 and a half minutes.

This games looks awesome. What more can I say?

Fk I was to late.


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can't wait!

Graphically, this looks a lot more impressive than what was shown previously. I thought they were really going to over-use the fog but it looks like there is a lot of variation in the weather. The side of the building drying after a rainfall looked photo realistic.

Just release already, I need to play this the wait is killing me. They also anounce it wont have a MP mode wich makes the game even better, no wasted time doing stupid uecessary MP modes.

I think this will be my next PS4 game...