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NavyNut said:

Don't get me wrong, its a great hardware, but there is no great games for it right now that could even justify a purchase of that console.

It's selling because it's great hardware and a Playstation, which means it will have all the important games out there not from Nintendo.

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Viltgance said:
I thought Sony said they were gonna have enough supply for everyone at launch?

They also said they'd ship 5m before March 31 2014. They obviously underestimated demand, and yet it's the fastest selling console ever.

Porcupine_I said:
Lies, it's all lies!

I demand Video proof including interviews of the people in line stating that they wait to buy a PS4, and i want to see them buy the PS4 and i want a copy of the receipt and i need video proof that there have been games purchased for the PS4 and also that it has been connected to the TV at the customers home and that it worked and that the games have been played, otherwise i don't believe a single word!

...and not only from ONE customer, because that could be staged!

Yeah, I won't believe they're waiting to buy PS4s. They could be waiting in line for Vita's for all we know.

truly amazing, i've only seen one ps4 on the store shelves, and at least 20 Xbones, at Walmart, several gamestops, and Best buy, My buddy was gonna pick one up after X-mas, but he can't find one lol

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Blood_Tears said:
Every time we see proof that there is great demand for PS4...there's that one guy that just doesn't want to believe and will fight endlessly because it's not his favorite console, truly sad and pathetic.

It's funny how no matter how much it's shown that PS4 stock is lower than demand, it's just "anecdotal", no matter how far and wide people are from and how many stores they've been to that have no stock; and no matter how much it's shown that XBone stock is just piling up, it's just "anecdotal", no matter how far and wide people are from and how many stores they've been to that have loads of XBones available.

Even though the numbers show the PS4 is selling significantly more than XBone and sites like WiiAlerts.com, NowInStock.net, and ZooLert.com all show the PS4 is out of stock and XBone is in stock

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Dark_Feanor said:
eFKac said:

Now it's only two pics, but when a random guy says he hasn't seen PS4s on display you scream PROOF!!!! Jesus dude, why don't you go and investigate some other conspiracy.

My friend, I will tell you for the last time here.

Anedoctal evidence is anedoctal.

Don't you remember the week before Christmass? It was the same thing, after 2 weeks with low supply Sony had a big shippment of PS4 for the US. We have the same kind of reaction here. And on that case, there were more retailers with stock (Amazon, Walmart and BB) and the stock last longer.

What about the BlackFriday week? It was a doom and gloon because there were a much more XOne after that week and no PS4.

And, at the end of the day we had two NPD reports that showed that I was more close to the real figure than many of you here (and NeoGaf).

The fact that the PS4 has been sold out dosen't mean it's a very high demand. Is this that hard to understand? OR you won't be satisfied with next month NPD numbers again?

how do I economics?

I expected it to be sold out until the end of January but this is topping even my expectations. Even if they could start meeting demand in the next month, the have a Japanese launch to prepare for. PS4 could be in short supply till spring it seems.

ignoring all the arguments leading to bans...

...i just think it's pretty cool that ps4 can have this much demand. i was very pessimistic and worried about consoles this gen after the vita and wiiU did so poorly and even the 3DS which did well but still saw a pretty big contraction GenOverGen. seeing ps4 (and yes even xbone) doing well makes me happy.

i like playing games, morever i like playing deep games that can only be found on consoles/PCs, and i want the industry to do well enough that i can keep playing. this is reaffirming.

Maybe this is certain parts of the country because I'm in So Cal and saw PS4's sitting out no problem in both Gamestop and BestBuy yesterday. No crowds, no lines, no issues. I was out buying a used balance board for our Wii U.

I'm going to go to best buy in an hour just to hear them say they have no ps4's. lol