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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Flow and Pinball arcade PS4 review

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After Flower, Flow is now also available as a free download on ps4 if you already own the game on ps3. The expansion however does not carry over, that will cost you another $1.99. Flower made my jaw hit the floor when I first played it on ps4, the upgrade to 1080p60 looks truly stunning.
Flow however was already in 1080p60 and switching back and forth between ps3 and ps4 inputs show no difference whatsoever. DS4 motion control is a bit more twitchy then with the DS3. The faster response and accuracy work well for Flower, yet with Flow it gave me more unintentional 180 turns. Playing through the first level on both was slightly easier on ps3.
I'm only nitpicking though, the game still looks great, sounds great, and is as relaxing to play as it was in 2007.

Pinball arcade fares a bit worse. The ps4 version has the Arabian nights fully unlocked, the rest you can download as trial play versions. None of my tables from the ps3 carried over.  Checking the ps blog shows that there are discounts, however since I don't own all season 1 tables I'm out of luck. It's asking me $8.99 for a 4 pack or $29.99 for all 22 season 1 tables.
We want to give players who own the PS3 and PS Vita content a discount on PS4. There have been some technical hurdles, but we’ve been able to work with PlayStation to implement a loyalty discount on PlayStation Store for the Season One Table Packs. Players who own all of the Season One tables can buy either of the Season One Packs for half price! We’re also giving 10% off of these Season Packs to PS Plus members for the next two weeks.

I won't buy them again. They're claiming that they made visual upgrades but I don't see them. Rather the opposite, I prefer the look of Arabian nights on the ps3, and Black hole looks much better on ps3. (didn't compare others though) Arabian nights looks to be bathed in a yellowish glow on ps4, while black hole is a whole lot brighter with the bottom section always illuminated. Not black at all anymore. I guess if you're not used to the previous version you wouldn't notice, but it's definitely not a big visual upgrade. I would have expected upgraded textures at least, it's a shame you still can't read the actual instructions on the table itself.

I recommend giving it a try anyway, the first table is free and it's a very good one. The pro menu is also unlocked so you can tweak all the settings of the table. However to get me excited for this again, positional headtracking would be a good start, and 3D should also be a perfect match for simulating pinball tables.

IGN gave it a 9