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Forums - Sony Discussion - The Order: 1886: VGX Host Hoped to Show Footage of PS4 Upcoming Exclusive, But it Isn’t Ready

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Curse you sony for hyping this game way before its ready. This might not have the fate of the last guardian. But why hype a game if its not ready?

The Order: 1886: VGX Host Hoped to Show Footage of PS4′s Upcoming Exclusive, But it Isn’t Ready

by Giuseppe Nelva Dec 6th 2013 12:27PM 0

VGX Awards 2013 host Geoff Keighley is continuing to drop snippets of information on what we’re going to see tomorrow evening during the broadcast, and today he actually talked about something we’re not going to see: The Order:  1866.

Apparently there was hope to show it, but footage wasn’t ready for the premiere, as he tweeted today.

Yesterday Keighley mentioned “we may have something dropping cuz it’s not done,” and while it seemed somewhat staged to hype the new trailer of Cliff Bleszinski’s new game, there may actually have been some truth to it.


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Last I checked Geoff is a notorious troll when it comes to stuff like announcements, so I'd take this with a grain of salt. All in all we'll know what Sony is showing tomorrow.

so if this game is delayed to 2015 does that now make Sony a liar when it comes to there 20 exclusive promise?

granted if the game needs more time it should get it

I predict Sony will show us stuff we've already seen. Or indie games that are timed PS4 exclusives. Because that's how Sony rolls. Hypes up their fans and then doesn't show them anything new. 

And yeah.  I agree that Sony should show stuff only when it's almost finished.  At minimum show something a year before it's released.  Don't show us footage of a game that isn't set to come out until  10 years from now.

You were beaten

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I'm pretty sure there was a thread of this already.

Munkeh111 said:
You were beaten

I'll copy and paste my post here then.

footage not ready =/= game delayed to 2015...

marketing department =/= software development

holiday 2014 at the earliest.

I'm not really here!