Forums - Sony Discussion - How many on VGChartz have a PS4? UPDATE 3: 92 and counting

I have one so can add me.

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Me, and it works perfectly so far, turned it on Friday Nov 15th at noon and man I love it. Resogun is a fckn blast and Killzone looks 10x better then any video I have seen so far.
Best purchased in years...

ps: perfectly but the psn that wont let me download app wont let me sign in. All if going well but that. Also, man, downloaded resogun, killzone and knack in minutes. Seems the download speed is 10 times better then before on psn

RIP ps3, xbox360.

welcome home ps4 and X1

bought one at launch



already see on that table so yeah!! PS$ over hurr!!

add me! need some more PS4 buds(PSN in my sig)

Had mines pre ordered so add me to the list fam.

Anyone with a PS4 feel free to add me to your friend's list--PSN ID: party29

I have the following games:Killzone,NBA2K14,COD Ghost,Warframe,Resogun(which is awesome),Contrast,and Blacklight Retribution.

End of 2016 prediction



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Cool i made the list somehow, but still 11 days till its released why soooo long !

I have paid for both xbox and ps4 but don't get it until it comes out here

Wow, we are up to 74! I don't remember any console getting so many VGCharterz on board so early.

I have one. Will be glad when BF4's issues get fixed.....


PSN: Godz-Warrior101x

I have one PSN - Catalyst777