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Every since the rumors were release about Steam developing a home console at last year CES 2012, to the connection with the Piston up to the announcment of the Steam Controller and Machine and from I heard, it sounds like Gabe Nwell is aiming to not only tackle the home consoles but also Microsoft and the IOS. The Steam OS will be fully intergraded with linux which can help getting out their in the market for the commen consumer who usually use Windows or Mac OS, but that 's the thing. I hear lot's of critism that the Steam Machine will have a hard time finding the right audience when it come to marketing.

So what I would like to know is Steam Machine pretty much another gaming console or is Valve aiming to make this a replacement for your Windows computer? I mainly game on consoles, but I also like to game on PC, my main issue is that it's to expensive to upgrade to get the full or close experience with most PC games that release due to outdated hardware. With the Steam OS, if it aiming to be a Windows PC replacement, I can use it as a everyday PC plus a gaming PC (depending on the prices) since the machine was build for PC gaming and is upgradable. I know Youtube, netflix, Hulu and etc. will be embeded into the machine, but I wonder if you'll be able to install Chrome or Firefox. If this is the case, then I'll gladly test out this machine for the navolty of it.

Video that give a breif history and explaination of the Steam Machine

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If they get the price right, which is impossibur, one of them machines will replace my current 4+ year old gaming pc in a couple of years.

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