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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Evil Within isn’t targeting the Call of Duty market, says Mikami

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The Evil Within developer Tango Gameworks isn’t going after the Call of Duty market, according to director Shinji Mikami.

In The Evil Within, Mikami is looking to revitalise the survival horror genre and make it great once more. In a recent interview, OXM asked him if he was deliberately not chasing the Call of Duty market with the game, to which he replied, “Yes, exactly.”

While it’s a horror game with supernatural elements, The Evil Within starts in the real-world. Mikami stressed that this is key to the game’s blend of horror. He said it was “Very important,” and added, “It’s one of the attractive things in the game – you don’t really understand whether it’s real or not. It’s like that movie, The Ring, with the surface and the black side. You don’t know if you’re in the real world or not. I wouldn’t want to say.”

Going back to the Call of Duty comment, Mikami added, “We have traditional firearms in the game, but nothing fancy, because it’s traditional. And our moves are quite limited. As an accent, we have traps that you could place – multiple type of traps, too – or in the game, you see traps, you disarm them.” It’s definitely not a gun-fest then.

When asked how traps work, he replied, “You could use the traps pretty much any time. It’s a play option. You either use the firearm to play the game or you use traps to beat creatures. Or you can use sneaking to just avoid creatures, so more tactical and strategic. You can sneak through most of the game. Sneak, set a trap and hide.”

Do you like the sound of this approach? Let us know below.

The Evil Within is coming to PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in 2014.



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