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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Here's more shots of the 2DS - Seen@PAX Prime: Nintendo 2DS in 3D

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Which one are you getting or have?

3DS 0 0%
3DS XL 2 33.33%
2DS 1 16.67%
Already have one (3DS and... 1 16.67%
Already have a 3DS and/or... 2 33.33%

Nintendo had a few of its recently announced 2DS systems at one of its play lounges at PAX Prime in Seattle. Naturally, we cradled the system in our hands, then took a few photos of it, one with our Nintendo 3DS. Check out our 3D photo of the 2DS after the break.

Rest of the Screenshots and the Source:


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Cant post the rest of the images on the OP or anywhere.

They are locked on the source, there's like 3 or so images.


Basil's YouTube Channel


This thing is going to sell like hotcakes, and not just to kids. My fiance (or however the girl version is spelled) loves Animal crossing and we have it for my 3ds (regular) but it would be a lot of fun to play together and she doesn't really care about 3d technology. I've seen other people post similar things and this category of people, along with the parents who want to buy pokemon for their kids will make the 2ds probably the highest selling sku of any console this holiday season.

£100 price tag, X and Y coming out this holiday. With the right bundle this thing is going to be flying off the shelves left and right. I'm going to get a 3DS XL for my sister however.

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It looks great though the d-pad's position is a bit weird I guess but I wanna try it out at a store before coming to a final conclusion.

Regardless the extra screen size and the clamp shell style of the XL has won me over this automatically despite the fact that the 2DS is really cheaper. I'm sure I can find a good bundle or a deal during the holidays (black friday more than likely) for the XL.


Basil's YouTube Channel