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Hi guys,

I was thinking about some upcoming games and how it will be. So I thought to create a thread about it. I am not a neutral gamer and tend to favor a "certain" platform but I tried to be as neutral as possible. Please forgive any grammatical errors as English is not my mother tongue.

Before I start writing about them I like to mention some of my personal preferances.

1. I dont like sports games especially Fifa. I have no problem to play it in real life but in gaming I just cant stand it.

2. Not a big fan of racing games either. IMO they tend to be same. Call me a stupid but I cant see any major "revolutionary" changes between todays racing games with old school titles like NFS2.

3. I dont like fighting games either. I do play fighting games if they are anime games though.

4. Things I hate in games are turn based elements, way to complex upgrade mechanisms and bad control.

Now here are the games I am excited about.

GTA V: Everyone is hyped about GTA V. I was interested in GTA V when it was announced but was skeptial about it. GTA IV was a disappoinment after GTA San Andreas. But I GTA V got my full attention after the gameplay trailer. Now I am more hyped about this game than any game. I am curious how the changing of main characters works. I also want to try all of the side activities. Because GTA excells at side activities and what I saw from the trailers it will be awesome.

The legend of zelda Wind Waker HD: I am a sucker of cell shaded graphics. Plus its an open world which makes it more appealing. Recent trailers shows the improvement about the graphics of the game. The lightning is awesome. I dont own a Wii U but want to buy it just for this game. I saw Gamecube version of wind waker at my friends house who was running it using emulator. It looked fine but its nowhere near as the HD version. I think this game will be a great addition to those who owns Wii U.

inFamous Second Son: Infamous series is one of my favorite series of ps3 games. I enjoyed infamous 1 & 2 as well as festival of blood spin off. I completed infamous 1 & 2 two times each both as good and evil. The new game looks badass. It looks gorgeous and seems very promising. Smoke looks cool but ability to absorb other conduits power is a plus.

Watch Dogs: Ever since the revel of watch dogs I have been followinbg all of its trailers and news. At first I thought its another GTA competitor. But from the trailer it seems this game has its own personality. The ability to spy on other people looks fun. Whenever I play RTS games I sometimes follow workers or citizens to see what they are doing and try to interfear with it. It seems it will be a great open world game with the potention to stalk, hack and change other peoples life.

Sunset Overdrive: Insomaniac games really did their best with resistance series and ratchet and clank series (before all 4 one). Resistance 3 was a welcome change in the FPS gaming since all of them seems to ditch many old school elements like, life bar or carry unlimited number of weapons. This game is cel shaded or cartoony (whatever you say). It seems this game possess parkour elements in a zombie crowded city. Weapons look unique and trailer shows potential of this game.

The Order: 1886: Ready of dawn made one of the best god of war games for psp. I played the HD versions in ps3. They were on par if not better than their console counter parts. Its a third person linear game but this game looks promising. Read the reviews of gamescom closed door presentation and it makes me impatient to play the game. I am hoping a gameplay reveal soon from these guys.

Puppeteer: This game looks like little big planet but set in halloween universe. Art style looks unique. This game is under the shadow but seems really fun. I hope it allows user generated creations in the game. I am eagerly waiting for this game.

I am not a perfect gamer. Nor do I play all games. But I like to play games that seems apeealing to me. If there is any mistake then please forgive me. Opinions are different. I respect other opinions that are different from me and expect the same from you guys.