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Forums - General Discussion - Would You Consider This Being "Fat"? [NSFW]

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What do you think?

She looks fine. 190 69.09%
OMG! What a fat bitch! 39 14.18%
More cushin for teh pushin I say... 22 8.00%
IDGAF (See Results) 23 8.36%

So this past week, filming began on Lana Del Rey's "Tropico" (a short film) and various pictures of her on set began surfacing online. I started looking through comments on different websites and I found an unusually large number of people claiming that she looks "fat".I don't know about you guys but I think she looks amazing and no where near being fat. Now this really got me thinking. Weight for many people is a very sensitive subject and I'd hate to believe that there are people in this world who are shallow enough to think that this is fat.

What do you guys think? Does she looks fat, and more importantly, where do you draw the line between being fat and not fat?

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Not seeing a problem here. If this is what people consider fat, that's the real problem.

EDIT: Also, LOL @ the game tag. Very subtle. :p

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No. That is definitely not fat. Especially if people were commenting on her small tummy "bump."

It is quite shallow of people to call that fat. I wonder how heavy the people throwing those comments around are.

Yeah she's definitely not fat. People throw around "fat" way too often now for some reason.

She's kind of fat in the neck and in the abdomen. Besides that, she seems sexy to me.

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She may have a bit of fat but she definitely isn't fat.

She looks fine.

Those people calling her "fat" probably lives with Hollywood goggles always on to have any sense of reality.

Nope. That is perfectly normal. And She looks freakin hot! If she was skinnier than that, I wouldn't even bother looking at her.

Only the ugly ho's will call that "fat".

i like em twiggy. 10 out of 10 wb

No way she's fat