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Forums - Sony Discussion - Little Big Planet Level Creator Competition (June 29- July 30)

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Playstation Gamer League is hosting a Little Big Planet level Creator Competition. From June 29 2013 to July 30 2013, people will have time to create levels in Little Big Planet based on the Beach. This contest won't have a community vote like the other lbp events (since not everyone has Little Big Planet) Instead, I'll be letting children that I know play through the created levels and they'll choose their 3 favorites. So keep that in mind when creating your levels.


All levels must be published by July 30 2013 for judging to begin. Rewards will be giving on August 3 2013

Note- Each member will only be allowed one entry. Contestants will also be allowed to vote along with the rest of the community.


The theme for this event is: The Beach






Little Big Planet Level Creator Competition


Saturday, June 29 2013 - Monday, July 30 2013


Level Theme: The Beach


Unlimited number of people can participate


Little Big Planet, Little Big Planet 2, Little Big Planet PSP, and Little Big Planet Vita are all usable


1st Place- 3 Month Playstation Plus, $20 PSN Card and 50 P.S.G. Points


2nd Place- 3 Month Playstation Plus and 30 P.S.G. Points


3rd Place- $10 PSN Card and 10 P.S.G. Points


Sign up to enter the event Here