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Forums - Sony Discussion - First God of War: Ascension review by Famitsu is in!

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The first review for God of War: Ascension is in, courtesy Japan’s favorite games magazine Famitsu, and the score will make even Kratos himself smile.

The publication gave the game a solid 9/9/9/9 – which, in our simple terms, is 9/10.

God of War: Ascension sees a release on March 12th exclusively on PS3.

I think 36/40 is great score by Famitsu, especially for a western game! God of War III got 10/10/9/9 for comparison so it's not far off, should recieve similar critical acclaim.

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1 down .... shit load more to go. I hope the others will be positive. I wonder what they thought about these 'difficulties' in the game?


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The suspense is killing me!!

I give it a 9.4

9087 said:
I give it a 9.4

I give it an "it's not out yet."

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@9087 The demo? Or have you already played the full game? If the latter, how? 

2013 and you still believe in games scores?

Hit the forums, watch gameplay videos, try the demo.