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Forums - Sony Discussion - The UK gets a limited edition God of War: Ascension bundle.

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Sony announced a God of War: Ascension PS3 bundle for British would-be deities today, featuring the sparkling-white 500GB Super Slim PS3.


I actually think this bundle is better than the limited edition bundle the US is getting, the white PS3 looks better, the controller is awesome and you get the steelbook case for God of War: Ascension. With the limited edition bundles, the live-action commercial and first 30 mins demo causing the hype to rise immensely I think this will be the bestselling exclusive on the current generation of consoles this year, considerably.

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Sales. Sales. Sales.

There bundles + price cut will put PS3 near to less than 10% down yoy in Europe.

I almost want my old fat PS3 to break. Almost.

Damn whats with Sony releasing new colors and bundles for the PS3!

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Damn, I was hoping for pink

I am fine with the US version.