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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Predict Now in All Nintendo Lifetime Software Sales [Database] 2013

Hello and Welcome To Nintendo's Software Lifetime Prediction Sales VGC members!

This thread will connect to all my other threads that you'll be predicting in. Just like the hardware Prediction Thread, You will get a chance to predict Lifetime Software Sales by Years End in this case Nintendo Software Sales!

Predict in each respective thread, and i'll post it up. The Titles i Pick are ones That'll most likely get over a million in sales this year like NSMB2, AC NL, etc. I'll be putting up a new thread once a week with the exception of the 1st week which i'll put 3-5 titles! Click the link to enter each Titles corresponding thread. Good Luck!


(Finished)★Fire Emblem Awakening★⇒
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon⇒
Dragon Quest VII ⇒
Pokemon X/Y ⇒
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate ⇒
Monster Hunter 4 ⇒
Paper Mario Sticker Star ⇒
Animal Crossing New Leaf ⇒
Project X Zone ⇒
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ⇒
M+L Dream Team
LOZ:A Link Between Worlds ⇒
Sonic Lost World ⇒


Pokemon BW2 ⇒

Predictions Ending... (last day to predict)
NSMB2,SM3DL= Feb 5th (2weeks left)

♥Point System♥

Sales Within...(has to be exactly or less to get a point)
500K > 1P
400K > =2P
300K > =3P
200K > =4P
150K > =5P
100K > =6P
75K > =7P
50K > =8P
25K > =9P
10K > =10P

Sony Thread


♪♪♪♪♪ My Wins/Losses ♪♪♪♪♪

[Winner] Bet with DaveJ⇒ Pokemon X/Y > 8Mil (11.61mil, he owes me 4 months of sig control)

[Winner] Bet With Rol⇒ (Luigi Sold Over 2mil in 2013) [Winner] Bet With Soleron⇒ (M+L Sold 1Mil in 2013)

[Winner] Bet with Mythmaker1⇒ (Pikmin 3 FW)       [Winner] Bet with Brendude⇒ Vita > 7.5mil (2013)  ............   [Winner] Bet With Fatslob⇒ (WiiU LTD Over 5Mil in 2013)


[Loser] Bet With Conegamer⇒ 3DS> 20mil (2013)


{Anfebious⇒ I win if MK8 Sells 200k+ FW (WW) Winner gets sig control for 2 weeks!!!                 {Pavolink ⇒ I Win if SSB for 3DS is 200k+ FW (Japan)        {Lawlight⇒ Wins if MH4 sells less than 3.6mil} He Lost already    {Radish Head⇒ I win if MK8 Sells 400k+ FW (WW)  Winner gets sig control for 2 weeks!!!

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This will be for Wii U and Wii Titles

Coming Soon!!!

☆Wii U☆

Nintendoland ⇒
Sonic Lost World ⇒
Pikmin 3 ⇒
Wonderful101 ⇒


Pandora's Tower ⇒
Mario Kart Wii ⇒





10k Melbye

12k Retroking1981

15k Think-man

15k Fededx

16k S.Peelman

30k NobleTeam360

30k sergiodaly

35k Nettles

35k ninjapirate42

35k ClassicGamingWizzz

40k Metallox

40k RealGamingExpert

40k Qwark

40k jonathanalis

40k binary solo

40k AvadaKedavra

49k Dr.Vita

50k Teeqoz

50k Dunban67

50k Slarnax

50k VenusianKing

50k Bofferbrauer

50k b00moscone

55k LipeJJ

55k Roronaa_chan

55k mjo011

55k Barkley

60k Ryng_Tolu

60k Captain_Yuri

60k small44

60k KdxlavkdX

60k CGcarmineCG

65k Angelv577

70k TheGoldenBoy

70k MrYoshi

70k Jranation

70k CycycyChris

70k Skullwaker

70k ExplodingBlock

75k Superquagsire

78k PAOerfulone

79k EricFabian

79k TJZ_Link

80k Gammalad

90k Kylar18


OVER 100K Optimistic Dreamers :p

100k Alex_The_Hedgehog

101k fory77

102k WhiteEaglePL

110k uran10

120k Toxy

130k Tbone51

142k DolPhanTendo

170k Materia-Blade 

180k gatito

tagging for later use, possibly 2028. im kinda busy and can only get on here every few Years. i wonder what it is

Better be good, or else...

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Check the other thread i made here it is.....

I have to ask, if your making a new thread, why make it now when your not posting anything? :S

But tagging just in case its awesome :P

TeddostheFireKing said:
I have to ask, if your making a new thread, why make it now when your not posting anything? :S

But tagging just in case its awesome :P

Thinkin outside the box lol... This will be the database thread!!! Have to start another thread 1st before wording this one!