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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Far Cry 3 seems to be hitting all the right notes

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The promo art for this game is cool.

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it's getting some good marks isn't it,when i saw the trailers and videos earlier in the year,it actually appealed to me and looked like it might be fun with the co-op and stuff,probably play it on the PS3 as my PC ain't that good

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Damn, fuck, damn!

Just used my 60 bucks coupon to get AC3 for free which I didn't even really want, should have remembered this was coming out! :( :/ -.-

Oh well.

Imagine if fallout looked this cool. What a great looking game.

Released a such a bad time for me, I'm going to have to what awhile before picking it up which is a shame because its looks way more interesting to me then assassins creed 3, turns out I have no interest in American history.

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Yeah but the graphics look to good and it is not linear so it does not deserve not more than 8/10.


This game looks amazing. I may actually make this my first ever purchase in the Far Cry series.


The game doesn't look that great in that youtube video on ultra...

... in 240p, olololol!

(But seriously, impressive review scores so far).

No malaria, no buy.

This is the first time in a while that I have been excited for an FPS. The campaign looks unbelievable.