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Forums - Sony Discussion - Need help on Two Worlds 2

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I need help with Two Worlds 2 online. I am trying to get a platinum on it but 3 trophies will prevent me from it.

Ruthless Trophy

Win 5 Deathmatches

(Need 3 people for this)


Duelist Trophy

Win 5 Duels

(need 1 person for this)


Gemologist Trophy 

Win 5 Crystal Capture matches

(need 1 person for this)


if anyone can help, it would be most appreciated. No one really plays it online anymore so that is why i am asking for help

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halil23 said:
What you're after is called "boosting"
You won't get that here, so instead google : Two World 2 online trophy boost(ing) [or something similar]
Good luck!!

I know what it is called. No one is playing it online so i practically have to boost. Something i hate to do and never wanted to but Thanks i will google it than

Bristow9091 said:

That should get you the help you need


... Or more specifically:

thank you

I need boosting too BTW. I want that Plat for this fantastic game.

Hawkeye, add me on PSN. My name there is SlimebeastS.

Btw, there actually are a lot of people playing Two Worlds 2 online on PSN but it's on Adventure maps. It's true that very few play Crystal Capture, Deathmatch and Duels.