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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance spoilerfree thread

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I'm pickung up KH 3D and a 3DS tomorrow. I don't think I'll wait for the 3DS XL, which will actually be more expensive.

Does anyone have the game yet? How is it?

Remember, no spoilers in this thread!

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tomorrow? where do you live? anyway I got to wait til july 31....enjoy.....

Belgium (Europe). The game actually releases earlier in Europa than America? Unbelievable! Now you understand how we feel for waiting months on our RPG's!

LOL, well i've felt your pain with recent games like Xenoblade, and the yet released Last Story. but I'm also aware that certain European countries(well their game business) are known for breaking street dates as well.

enjoy the game, I have to wait until after the 31st... The store where I normally buy games doesnt have the collectors edition, so I had to import it from the US.


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Gotta wait til the 31st too, but enjoy your game friend :p

Well today is the national holiday in Belgium, so all shops are closed :/ I'll have to wait for monday.

The demo is great. This will most likely be my next purchase.

Allright just got it, I'll post my impressios later ;)

the game is great
the camara sucks a bit