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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Extended Trailer

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Did You Like The Trailer To Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance ??

Yes 12 85.71%
No 2 14.29%

Square-Enix released an extended trailer to their new Kingdom Hearts game.


What Do You Think Of The Trailer ????


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Not bad

That would be great for the Franchise for sure. It looks very good so far,
can't wait to play this game when its released.

cool! i may pick up a 3DS at some point for this & Resident Evil

I want this game. can't wait.

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Next month, can't wait! This game is almost guaranteed to be great.

Hopefully it sells good!

The Release date is July 31, 2012.
The game also comes with AR functionality, allowing players to play with the Dream Eaters they obtain.
Can't wait to play this game,

spurgeonryan said:

Here is the video. Looking good. I am hoping for at least 140,000 week one sales in America.

Yeah the pre order trend is pointing to around 100k before release, maybe even as high as 125k. I was hoping for a 150 plus opening week, maybe more now that it coincides with the new 3ds xl release.