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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Get 3 free Kid Icarus AR cards from Club Nintendo

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While supply last...

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Woot, just ordered em, thank you for the heads up xD. Oh hey, i don't have a working printer right now, it's not a big deal if i don't print the order confirmation is it? It already said my order has been placed, so i assume it's alright.

No need to print.

Galaki said:
No need to print.

Sweet, can't wait.

I only just got confirmation for my free dl of kid icarus after 4 weeks!!!!

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WHY!!!!!!???????????????????? i need it too!


Already have mine ordered. Can't wait for this game!

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Thanks, I was thinking about logging onto Club Nintendo since I haven't in awhile. Now you gave me the perfect reason to. I am also going to go pre order the game today since it looks like it is going to be bad ass.  Plus, you get the 3D Classics game for free with pre order. 

I assume you can pre-order anywhere and get the code for the free 3D Classic?  I am probably going to go to GameStop since it is close to my apt.  I would just get on Amazon but I don't know if I would get the code for it through Amazon.  Anyone know?

Galaki said:
No need to print.

I don't trust you.  At first I believed the whole story that they were giving free AR cards away.  Then I looked and saw who the op was and I started having doubts.  It would be one cruel joke to play.  

PS. You should do the joke for Animal Crossing AR Cards right when it is about to release.  Have the link be Animal Crossing porn website.

Just ordered. Thank you Galaki.

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