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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bioware blames lack of gamepad support for Mass Effect 3 PC on development cost

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I have to actually agree that this is a "I don't give a damn" thing. Luckily i'll be getting it for the X360 so i'll get to use a Gamepad.

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Although I see why a lack of gamerpad options will be an issue to some people, in the grand majority of the people who buy ME for PC it really is a non-issue.

The KB+Mouse combo is much better and they've done a good job with the quick access powers and hotkeys, which makes playing ME games a much streamlined issue than with a gamerpad.

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Personally I plan on using keyboard and mouse, so I really don't care.

Certainly, you mean 'blames'.

pezus said:
reviniente said:
Certainly, you mean 'blames'.

Whoops, I knew something was odd just by looking at it. Couldn't quite put my finger on it though

Not a problem. Happens to the best of us. Yes, eben me.

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This really isnt news. Part 1 and 2 never had gamepad support on the PC as far as I remember.

For PC gamers looking to play this, I think its time to grow a few chest hairs and commit to the keyboard and mouse combo...

After playing ME2 on both 360 and PC I can safely say it plays far better on PC with the keyboard and mouse. So this doesn't bother me too much. I imagine third party software could alleviate this issue anyway.

My only gripe with the game is P2P co-op, luckily though the matchmaking is efficient.

It's not a big deal...

But, All they have to do is port the xbox360 UI and controls to the PC. I don't get why they didn't do it. Atleast it's not like some games, that have craptacular controls with mouse/keyboard on PC and make you use a gamepad (x360 gamepad) like Dead Space, or Dungeon Siege III.