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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Next Assassin's Creed outside Animus?(Spoilers maybe)

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Since the whole 4 games were about Desmond going through his genetic memories to be able to absorb the skills and learn about the truth about the assassins. So, i presume the whole point is to make Desmond ready to go fight Abstergo company in the game real life. I haven't played Revelations yet, not even Brotherhood, but I'm enjoying 2 a lot. I just hope the next one to be called 3.

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It was a trilogy within a trilogy, I think 3rd is most likely will be based around a different protagonist within their blood line - sometimes during the industrial era most likely.

Although I didn't mind Brotherhood, Revelations was a milk-too-far, and really didn't reveal that much new info that couldn't have been done through brotherhood. Don't get me wrong it's a decent game, just with unnecessary additions and somewhat average storyline. Altair's bits are great though.

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I just don't understand one thing. The point of Animus is to learn something in the past to apply this knowledge in the present time. Since it's only a computer program, it really can't change the ways of history. So, if there's not a game set outside the Animus, the whole Desmond journey is just pointless.

Yeah of course, that's the whole point - to find apples of eden for templars and assassins trying to find it before the templars do, seeing as Altair had access to the Apple and it seems like the sort of genetic thing that allows their whole bloodline to have it ( I am trying not to drop any spoilers for you as I don't know how far you are in the story).

Because Altair had access to the Apple it's likely that Ezio and maybe a third - not even confirmed if exists yet member of the family had access to more potent objects than just the apple, but I think there are several of those apples as well - and the Grand Temple too - which is what the Templars are looking for.

I finished revelations - the ending was so-so but it made the game kinda more clearer in regards as to why the hell they're spending so much f'ing time in the animus for the ezio part - 3 games is a long time after all.

It's harder to have a discussion with someone who is yet to finish Brotherhood and Revelations as I don't know how much you are aware of ;_;

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Its okay, i didn't finish even 2 and just passed 1. I'll finish 2 later this night and pretend to start Brotherhood as soon as a I finish other genre of game to get a rest from Assassin's Creed. But, i don't mind spoilers, i really don't, usually when i played FF i read everything on internet before.

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Well as you know then Templars have found Desmond and tried to use him to access his bloodline - Altair and see what he did with the apple of Eden that he had obtained - which you will also find out what he actually did with it in Revelations. They've also discovered that there is more than one Apple and where they are located in different parts of the world - then the breakout etc and Desmond escapes with Lucy and they submerge into animus this time as Ezio who is like Altair's great grandson or something - he'll actually obtain another Apple as you'll find out when playing.

Basically the Apples are very powerful artifacts created by a race that has existed millions of years before humans did - they were humans too but much more advanced and created these powerful artifacts that we just started discovering now. There is a twist in both #2 and the Brotherhood. Revelations twist was so-so but the bits with Altair were very nice additions indeed as I always liked him more as a protagonist than Ezio. Apples allow control of individuals, the wielder can basically subdue people within it's active range and make them do what he wants to do, or just kill them outright by destroying their mind or something - must be pretty painful.

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I Think no...

BUt THE FINAL SERIES will be in Egypt? many sites says this...