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Well we all know that Steam is the most successful Digital Download service on the internet. Almost every PC gamer out there has Steam or has used Steam. Valve struck Gold with Steam and GameStop followed suit as did EAGames, but Steam just has the developer support to kick the living shit out of its two big competitors.

But today EA announced they aren't going to take on Valva on their own! It would appear EAGames is seeking to bring content not found on Steam as well as some that is. To do this they aren't just providing their own internally developed content they have enlisted the help of some of the worlds biggest software publishers their greatest competitors. Uniting as one these publishers hope to take down Steam before Steam has a chance in hell of monopolizing the DD industry completely. Who are these allies in the war on Steam?

Okay I might be adding a little drama as all three already support Steam, but the fact they are joining EA's fight is a sign the game publishing community is ready to allow change!

The mighty Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment is the first major publisher listed to support Origin with exclusive content. Greg Ballard, senior vice president, Digital Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment was the one to break the news and show Warner Bros commitment to the war on Steam. “We are very pleased to partner with EA and have Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's key PC titles available on Origin,”following those comments with “In growing our digital offerings for consumers we want to give fans increased access to critically acclaimed titles such as Batman: Arkham City.”

The second Juggernaut to join in EA's alliance is THQ. This time Terri Schiek, senior vice president of publishing, Americas at THQ was the one to commit THQ's unwavering support for EA. Terri told the world “THQ is excited to work with Origin and to offer players another new, innovative way to experience the over-the-top fun of Saints Row: The Third,”He concluded THQ's commitment to future support saying “We look forward to building our relationship with the Origin team, and to continue to deliver great content for the platform.”

Last but not least, while Steam has Square EA managed to get the support of one of Japan's other ruling publishers. The company that rocked the world with Zombie chaos and red super hero's who literally was the average Joe. Comes the support of Capcom via its senior vice president Christian Svensson. Christian stated “When we met with the EA team and discussed their long-term vision for Origin, we were excited to lend our weight to their efforts,” much like his fellow compatriots Christian re-assured the world that Capcom is going nowhere “We hope to expand our PC fanbase for our legendary brands on Origin.”



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