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Forums - Gaming Discussion - NBA 2K12 - NBA'S GREATEST TEASER TRAILER

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What do you think of NBA 2K12 ??

I love the classic teams 9 100.00%
I don't like Retro superstars 0 0%
BORED WITH 2k sports 0 0%
I already pre-ordered 0 0%

NBA 2K12 - NBA'S GREATEST" TEASER TRAILER was revealed yesterday.

2K Sports is going retro because of the lockout perhaps.

What do you think of the trailer and are you excited for NBA 2K12 ??

Trailer and info here if you have not seen it:

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I was thinking that they should make legends mode for Bird and Magic.
Now its the Greatest Mode....I love it !!!
Can't wait to get the demo in the coming weeks...
Just Awesome....

Dr. J looks so cool, and Jordan flying through the air...nice

looks good! NBA 2K11 was my most played game of 2011

I barely skipped last years game... now with all this old school goodness.. I think I'll have to buy a damn sports game.

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I feel the same way....

The a full trailer and the demo will be released in the upcoming weeks...
i'm excited...

i will be getting it, i glad they added Kareem Abdul Jabbar, i dont even know why he wasn't added in 2k11.

I totally agree, he is the all time scorer and he has been ignore for a long time now....

I want to see bill walton and jerry west....
legends versus the heat....that would be a good one....LOL