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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why no Jousting based games??

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I'm headed to a ren fest this weekend and it got me thinking ... why aren't there any games that feature jousting as a gameplay mechanic??

seems like a great fit with video games to me.  there are plenty of video games already that feature a medevil setting and sell quite well so obviously it isn't an issue of being too niche a setting.  the gameplay mechanic would probably be some-what simular to a shooter.  you'd have your aiming reticule and point it at enemy, the difference being you'd hold it there during an approach rather then hitting a trigger.  joust would be a great gameplay companion to a sword gameplay mechanic which people already love.

... or am i wrong and i am just unaware of a game that features jousting??  ....'cause i wanna play it.  xD

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There should be games (or more games if there are any) with Jousts... BUT a joust based game would suck.

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