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Forums - PC Discussion - The Elder Scrolls IV: Andoran – a stunning Oblivion overhaul

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Sometimes a trailer can make you want to jump right in and explore the world. This video of the Andoran mod for Oblivion, spotted by Redditor SolInvictus, is one of those trailers. The voiceover is in Russian, but you don’t have to speak the language to see what the modders are going for. It’s a darker, grittier take on Oblivion with new cities, factions and creatures. The remarkable new architecture and strange environments have a whiff of Morrowind about them, but the engine upgrades make it look more like Skyrim.

The Andoran mod site is down for now, so it’s hard to get hold of precise details, but we’ll provide a link and more info as soon as it’s available. Viewed alongside yesterday’s amazing GTA IV overhaul, it’s been a good week so far for ambitious mods.

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