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Still well under a  .1 standard error, but I think it is sooooo funny how all the 360 boys called victory so soon : )

BTW the Wii gained like 50,000 in the adjustment too, Germany Appears to the place where the initial numbers were the most off.


Lol this has been up for 12 hours and I just realized I spelled Wii, We.... Sad really......

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leo-j already beat you to it


Also, it's 3k, well within error. It's a tie so far, and not a clear victory for either console.

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He put it in the gaming area? o well, I'll have it in the sales area-

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so only germany was adjusted??



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.1 means what?

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A few sales were adjusted, not just germany. Seems we underestimated the jumps in the last two weeks - PS3 and Wii especially have been very strong in most regions.

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.1 it is a statistical term

It can be used for a confidence interval which would be Sx*90% on the normal curve - than add and subtract that number from the center number and if another number falls in that range they are considered to be the same.

There are other way of testing if numbers are equal like usinp P-value and such...

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add me, the more the merrier.

Oh well,I´ve always thought the PS3 would end up beating the 360 in sales on a worldwide level,but in North America,I don´t think it´ll ever catch up to the 360.

Woo Hoo !!! :D PS3 will hit 8 mil this yr :D

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