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in the manual it tell you that the first optima change will take some time but after it will be quick, the only your character in the air. 

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r505Matt said:
AbbathTheGrim said:

The Marks get harder more into the game. Believe me, to me this is the most challenging FF I have played, but I guess that this is not the case for everyone. It does not have the most challenging enemies though.

About paradigms taking too long to change, try to do what I do. I change the paradigms after I send Lightning to attack an oponnent which is in the air or that has been sent flying. After she finishes her combos in mid-air, change the paradigms before she returns to the floor. There will be no videos for the paradigm shift and adds some more challenge and dynamism to the battle. :)

This game with the 12th one has my favorite battle system.

I do that trick with the mid-air thing whenever possible, but it's not like you can always control that.  Especially for the harder fights that you don't stagger the enemies, or if you do, they aren't launchable.

Omg, that looks like lunchable, now I'm hungry =P

And lol I just opened the menu while I was riding a chocobo =)

I'm on my way to try and kill my first big turtle =) Let's see if this is doable with stage 9 crystarium -.-

very doable if you have a very powerful fang and use summon trick or use vanille and spam death. 

I didn't know about the summon thing until you mentioned it (so I looked it up) -.- Death worked nicely =)


Packie said:

Thank god! I thought I was the only one who hated how they do a power rangers pose everytime you change paradigms for the first time in every single battle. Not only does it look stupid, but it also leaves you defenseless for a couple of seconds while a bunch of monsters start beating the shit out of you. I would've been ok with it if they did it when each character learned a new role but nope they have to do it every single battle. did I also mention that the battle system sucks.

*sigh* I really wanted to like this game.


still like the game though...and actually like the battle system