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i know everybodies tierd of F.P.S games right? So what should be the genre

a new genre 6 13.64%
more create play share 5 11.36%
anything hardcore 2 4.55%
third person shooters 11 25.00%
platformers 8 18.18%
or something i missed 12 27.27%

you tell me.

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I don't understand the question. Please use the auto-translate function.

any game I can see the character im controlling like tps and more platformers

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Survivor Horror Third Person Shooter

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the thing is that all the games are the same genre.. changing the genre theyre all in won't help.. it needs to be more diverse..

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Space flight and trading simulator, yeaaaaah!

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famousringo said:

Space flight and trading simulator, yeaaaaah!

this ! (and some other things as well .. I'm greedy, I want it all)

3D/2D platformers.
Sounds lame, but I can't think of anything else.

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