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    Viewtiful Joe 3DS. Yay or Nay?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 18 February 2011

    So you miss this franchise? I've played the first one and the DS version. Never bought VJ2 because I haven't found it on sale though. 3DS's motion sensors and the 3D itself could refresh the series with some new gimmicks, adding the double screen, mic and touch controls to the bag. Now with an analog stick too.     Edit: sorry, forgot to fill the poll with options  to vote......

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    I have a Jesus Christ graphics card!

    in PC Discussion, last active on on 10 February 2011

    I thought this was a myth, but when you're desperate, I think everything sounds like a very good idea.   I just got back home after university, and to my surprise my PC wasn't giving me any visual signal. Since this pice of crap already fried one graphics card, I instantly understood what was going on. Turn off. *lets hope it is just a start up glitch* Turn on... no signal. Turn off....

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    Nintendo considered 3G for 3DS

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 06 February 2011

    Source First of all, if we denied that we have studied anything about 3G, we would be deemed lazy, so I do not deny that the company has been reviewing that possibility. In that regard, the company has been reviewing each and any possible function. However, having studied something does not mean that we will surely adopt that technology. If someone asks me, "Now that the company has spent some...

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    So, Wii 2 announced this year?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 07 February 2011

    Its almost a year since 3DS was briefly announced. Its was revelead at E3 2010 and launched early 2011. Could Wii 2 be on the verge of being announced? Revelead at E3 2011? Launch Early 2012 Japan, Later 2012 Americas and EMEEA. When is the next Nintendo Meet for Investors?...

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    NGP is so getting a 3D screen, just look at this statement.

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 29 January 2011

    Firstly, I wanna ask to keep a mature discussion here. Enough dick measuring between all of us already.  I don't know about you but I am most probably getting both platforms, but as I'm not a rich bastard I have to decide for the cheapest and more compeling console software wise - for my gaming tastes - thats why I'm getting a 3DS first and an NGP when price is unresistable and library is as...

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    Give your deepest and utmost condolescences to this brave fallen dude.

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 29 January 2011

      *sigh* EDIT: Don't be negative about graveyard humor. Its everywhere. Peace and Love....

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    Will 3DS limit PSP2?

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 16 March 2011

    IF, recent rumours about PSP2 specs are true, the handheld is really a monster capale of PS3 like graphics. Something like PSP and PS2. But, this time around, 3DS is quite powerfull too, not as much as PSP2 rumoured specs, but it can pull off some effects that belong to the HD twins and even puts the Wii to shame, the best example we've got is Resident Evil Revelations. That game looks...

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    So, who's gonna wait for a 3DS Lite?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 23 January 2011

    3DS details are here: price, online, features, battery life, launch games and upcoming games. For those who are interested, are you gonna buy it straight away or wait for a 3DS redesign ? For everyone who bought the original GBA and DS phat (me included), remember how many times better did the GBAsp and DSLite looked in comparison to the first handhelds?   This is the time. I'm not getting...

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    Please come to dinner!

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 01 January 2011

    Console Americas Japan EMEAA Worldwide 875,128 n/a 575,019 1,450,147 650,192 n/a 593,885 1,244,077 405,200 n/a 317,884 723,084 240,038 n/a 362,919 602,957 121,444 n/a 171,391 292,835  Free meal for the Doom crowd. Everyone else, there's shrimp. No need to eat crow.    ...

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    Would you want another Vice City based GTA on 3DS?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 18 January 2011

        Like the Vice City Stories prequel to the PSP, lets imagine a *random* GTA: Vice City Plaza for 3DS, a sequel lets say. For me Vice City was the best entry in the series, I just dig the universe of the game in Miami 80's and  Tommy Vercetti is the most iconic character on a GTA ever, imo. An updated GTA game with the best of the gameplay elements of the series, revamped...

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    Is the sky jumping Skyward Sword's scene pre-rendered?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 14 December 2010

    Because if it isn't pre-rendered, I invite you to take a good look at the second pic: At the second pic, I said:   So, look at the ground geometry and details of the Skyloft Jumping Scene on the final part of the debut trailer. You can see the detail better in the left. The E3 demo build was made for showcasing purposes for E3 2010, it was stated by Miyamoto that the area might be in...

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    High Tech Autonomous Flying Robot Penguins in a sea of air

    in General Discussion, last active on on 09 December 2010

      "A group of three autonomously flying penguins hovers freely through a defined air space that is monitored by ultrasound transmission stations. The penguins are at liberty to move within this space; a microcontroller gives them free will in order to explore it."     ...

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    Skyward Sword: Realistic graphics Vs Cell Shaded (Pics)

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 05 December 2010

    Below it is a Garry's Mod of the Skyward Sword scene and comparison pics from the actual game.   -----------------------------------\\-----------------------------------------------\\----------------------------   I don't know about you guys, But I think I do prefer Skyward Swords own art style......

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    Twilight Princess 300k units behind Ocarina of Time

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 04 December 2010

    This is obviously combining sales from both Wii version and Gamecube version. Twilight Princess is currently at 7.3M Ocarina of Time holds the record for the most Zelda ever sold with 7.6M   Can TP become the best selling? I don't know if the game can manage to sell more 300K units at this time......

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    Onlive + 3DS: Is it possible?

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 24 November 2010

    Have you heard about Onlive service? In case you didn't, its a service that lets you run for example, Crysis at maximum settings, in an, for example, iPhone. A shitty Pentium4 would be another example. Now imagine if the Onlive company enables the service on the 3DS, and I wouldn't see why wouldn't they do it, only if Nintendo says no I guess. Graphic power would be unlimited for the system. Plus...

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    Request: Facebook sharing of vgchartz charts!

    in Website Topics, last active on on 22 November 2010

    Search engine only searches for users, sorry if a request thread is already up, I couldn't find it. anyway, In a future update for Vgchartz I'd like to have that little facebook button to share sales of a specific title, or the entire top 10 of a specific region. Same for hardware numbers. That way people could discuss gaming sales with friends that don't have a vgchartz...

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    Amazing Augmented Reality game

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 17 November 2010

    Ludology:"While nowadays most artists generally go for full body interfaces and giant screens, Julian built a fascinating, tiny little world in a box that is a pleasure to play with. Game art doesn´t get any bigger than this."Destructoid".. my curiosity never settled as I moved my figure from room to room. I had a very real, almost God-like influence on the tiny world in my hand .."IGN...

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    LOL, there is already a flash card for 3DS!

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 18 November 2010

    SuperCard 3DS ™ SC3DS Nintendo Flash Card ©SuperCard 3DS also known as SC3DS or SuperCard DSTHREE is the late's Nintendo 3DS Flash Card from the team that brought as DSONE, iPlayer and DSTWO cards for NDS, DSi XL and DS Lite. SuperCard is different from other 3DS flash card in that it not only lets you play 3DS roms, but also has built in CPU for playing DivX, XviD, .MKV and other...

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    3DS 3D screenshots!

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 25 November 2010

    Using the cross eye technique, watch the video below! It really gives us the sense of depth. I can't wait to see this with my own eyes with no tricks! For some stupid reason, embedding is not working:   EDIT: Resident Evil looks SICK! @_@...

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    The most mind tripping video on youtube :0

    in General Discussion, last active on on 14 November 2010 I could only manage to reach till 2:46.   Never watched such tripping shit!!!!!! really mind disturbing. NO GORE!...

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