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    Donald Trump: How Do You Feel about Him Now? (Poll)

    in Politics Discussion on 11 June 2018

    SpokenTruth said: massimus said: One good objective point that any reasonable person would agree with is the way he has gone after American hostages. He is really, really good at getting our people back. Like most recently with the Kim summit, he got our hostages on good faith and then canceled that shit lol. He’s ruthless and it’s hilarious, the summit is back on of...

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    How is Final Fantasy XV?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 June 2018

    The gameplay is great. The story seemed half finished (not knowing character's motivations, not caring about certain characters, etc.). They're still working on it....

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    New Forums

    in Website Topics on 09 June 2018

    Hope Talon reconsiders. I've been coming here for years, and it's great to see improvements continuously being made by volunteers. As a full time Software developer, I understand how hard it is and how much work a simple button UI or even changes to major components of a site can take. ...

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    I'm tired of this overemphasis on diversity spilling into our entertainment.

    in General Discussion on 07 June 2018

    It's very easy for people who have benefitted from the lack of diversity to complain once women and people of color start getting the same opportunities they have. All people are asking for is that they get the same opportunities in film and entertainment that mostly white men have with their connections. Unfortunately it seems to bother some people....

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    US Supreme Court: Christian baker does not have to bake 'the gay cake'

    in Politics Discussion on 05 June 2018

    You can't deny people based on race in a business. I don't see why you should be able to deny based on sexual orientation. I wonder if this baker has declined to bake a cake for a divorced person, or someone with a child out of wedlock. The other thing that annoys me is selective religious convictions. ...

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    Roseanne got cancelled

    in Movies Discussion on 30 May 2018

    Same ones mad at Roseanne losing her show are the ones who were mad at Michelle Wolfe....

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    UPDATE: RUMOR: PS5 Dev Kits Sent Out This Year. Launch 2019. BC With PS1/PS2/PS3. Sony acquires Silent Hill. Blade Runner PS5 Game At PSX. And More.

    in Sony Discussion on 15 March 2018

    I want legit 4K HDR games, not the sub 4K we have now. Not to mention the vastly differences in quality of HDR implementation between games....

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    FISA/FBI memo released - how Obama/Clinton spied on the Trump campaign

    in Politics Discussion on 09 February 2018

    There are so many contradictions in this garbage memo that I don't even know where to begin. I'm glad most people just ignored it, as they rightfully should have. ...

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    [SPOILERS] One year later, I finally played Final Fantasy XV - Let's talk about it!

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 November 2017

    I played it a year ago, and I'm still not sure what was going on in the story. I thought the gameplay itself was great though....

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    Looking into a 4K TV, any recommendations?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 November 2017

    Bought the Sony 55" X900E from Amazon....

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    Valkyria Chronicles 4 announced for PS4, Xbox One and Switch

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 November 2017

    First game was one of my favorites last gen. Hope this one comes close....

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    What Are You Getting For Black Friday?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 November 2017

    Sony 55" X900E and hopefully a game or two....

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    PlayStation E3 2017 Press Conference Thread - It's over

    in Sony Discussion on 12 June 2017

    This sucks. And that's coming from a Sony fanboy....

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    PS3 Sly Cooper Collection digital giveaway ( entry over )

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 April 2017

    I'm in!...

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    Trumpcare Dead!

    in Politics Discussion on 25 March 2017

    VGPolyglot said: Tigerlure said: Let's not pretend both parties are the same either. It's very clear who was on the right and wrong side of this legislation this time. Well, it would have been better if the Democrats hadn't passed such a shitty health care in the first place. Health care was always shity, way before the Dems became involved. America should go...

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    Trumpcare Dead!

    in Politics Discussion on 24 March 2017

    VGPolyglot said: Azuren said: That's been a gradual process over the course of 40 years, perpetuated by both sides. Let's not pretend one is good and one is evil.  Of course. Let's not pretend that I like the Democrats. Let's not pretend both parties are the same either. It's very clear who was on the right and wrong side of this legislation this time....

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    Trump: ‘Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated’

    in Politics Discussion on 27 February 2017

    http://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/trump-nobody-knew-that-health-care-could-be-so-complicated-235436     President Donald Trump on Monday claimed that “nobody knew that health care could be so complicated,” and again flirted with the idea that Republicans should let Obamacare “implode” so that Democrats shoulder the blame. Even as he re-upped his...

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    Betsy DeVos confirmed as Education secretary after Pence breaks 50-50 tie.

    in Politics Discussion on 08 February 2017

    irstupid said: axumblade said: Education is already screwed up. Most schools have cut the Arts programs significantly. I've also heard there have been some schools that have cut a lot of funding for science programs as well. I can only imagine how bad it will get I always love when people complain like this. "OMG school has been getting shittier and shittier and are...

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    Obama set the foundation for Trumps Muslim ban

    in Politics Discussion on 01 February 2017

    This is BS. Trump is President. Quit making excuses for him....

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    Trump bans EPA employees from giving social media updates.

    in Politics Discussion on 27 January 2017

    "Just give him a chance" they said......

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