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    It's time VGChartz!!! Christmas Avatar Time!

    in General Discussion on 24 November 2010

    Whoo that picture editing site was pretty cool, hope you can see that santa hat well in all that red lol...

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    Myer-Briggs personality Test. What's your personality type?

    in General Discussion on 24 November 2010

    Your Type is ISFJ Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging Strength of the preferences % 11 1 12 1 Qualitative analysis of your type formula  You are: slightly expressed introvert slightly expressed sensing personality slightly expressed feeling personality slightly expressed judging personality Lol im just slightly everything >.>  How unexpectedly balanced of me... ...

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    List Your 5 favorite Current Gen Games, that sold less than 1mil WW combine

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 July 2010

    1. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn 2. Disgaea 3 3. The World Ends With You 4. Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations 5. Enchanted Arms...

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    What games made you buy each system you own this gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 July 2010

    I got the Wii and DS because I really liked the Gamecube and GBA, but the games that sealed the deal were The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii and Pokemon Diamond for the DS. The PS3 I got as soon as the slim came out.  Thought I'm not sure I would have bought it if it weren't for Enchanted Arms and the knowledge that Final Fantasy XIII, God of War III, and Gran Turismo 5 were...

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    What Wii game have you put the most time into?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 July 2010

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii,  easily over 300 hours each.  Third would be Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn with about 120 hours split between 3 playthroughs....

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    Would you like to see Europe have it's own chart?

    in Sales Discussion on 09 July 2010

    Hmm?  I thought the reason for the America/Other/Japan split is because that is how the video game companies report their sales....

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    Name your favorite game for each console/handheld you've owned.

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 July 2010

    Oooh tough... GB: Pokemon Blue GBA: Golden Sun NDS: Pokemon Diamond GC: Tales of Symphonia Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl PS3: Final Fantasy XIII PC: StarCraft: Brood War...

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    People who are planning on buying the 3DS

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 July 2010

    I only own a DS but I have played the PSP alot (borrowing from friends).  The 3DS line-up looks wicked if it all materializes. ...

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    in General Discussion on 07 July 2010

    Aaah the cuuuuuteneeessssss!!!!!...

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    3DS = 3rd-party Developer System

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 June 2010

    Wow, I'd hate to have to compete with that.  That is some crazy awesome stuff right there....

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    favorite pokemon by type!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 April 2010

    Normal - BlisseyFighting - LucarioPoison - DrapionGhost - GengarRock - TyranitarGround - GarchompSteel - MetagrossBug - ScytherFlying - TogekissDark - HoundoomIce - WeavileWater - StarmieGrass - BellossomFire - BlazikenPsychic - GardevoirDragon - SalamenceElectric - MagnezoneI didn't add legendaries to this list, but Rayquaza is my fav...

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    Which will be the best selling exclusive of the year

    in Sales Discussion on 24 March 2010

    Hmmm....I give my vote to Halo: Reach for 2010 releases, but depending on the holiday sales, I think New Super Mario Bros Wii might be able to edge out Halo: Reach for highest sales in 2010 Unless Wii Fit + sales explode. ...

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    What would you score each Final Fantasy game in the 1 to 5 scale?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 March 2010

    FF 1 - 3/5FF 2 - 3/5FF 4 - 4/5FF 6 - 4.5/5FF 7 - 4.5/5FF 8 - 4.5/5FF 10 - 4/5FF 12 - 5/5FF 13 - 5/5...

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    Woman aims to become world's fattest

    in General Discussion on 15 March 2010

    Ummmm yeah... I gotta say, this is pretty sad and disturbing. I can't fathom why anyone would really want to obtain such a dubious record. She weighs about 600 pounds and wants to put on another 400? Is she insane? She is only eating her way to an early death by doing this. I can't believe her husband would support this kind of stuff. Worse yet are the men who actually PAY to see her eat,...

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    Girl mistakes gun for Wii controller - kills herself

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 March 2010

    How tragic... I really feel for the poor kid, how can a parent leave a loaded firearm in front of a 3 year old kid!!!. Even worse the mom was in the same room but didn't notice her child playing with it! If the kid was trying to play the Wii, why wouldn't the mom play with her? I don't think a 3 year old kid can exactly play a Wii by herself. Seriously, how does this kind of thing happen? ...

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    RUMOR: The Last Story to have a REAL TIME Battle System (not turn based)!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 March 2010

    Ooh, if it's anything like the Tales Of series then I think I'm gonna LOVE this game!!...

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    What Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    in General Discussion on 07 March 2010

    SNSD - Oh!...

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    Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics? Which one is your favorite?

    in General Discussion on 02 March 2010

    Tough, a tie? I really like lots of sports. Just off the top of my head: Winter Olympics: Ski events, Snowboard events, Hockey, Speed Skating and Figure SkatingSummer Olympics: Swimming, Track, Football, Tennis, Badminton, Diving, and GymnasticsHard to pick one over the other, so I'll just enjoy both :P...

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    Stop blaming groups; confront individuals

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 March 2010

    Other :P, cause I think of the March releases Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver will sell better and more consistently than the others. ...

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    What franchise made you buy the Wii?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 February 2010

    SUPER SMASH BROS!!! It made me love the N64, so I got the GC and after that, the Wii...

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