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    < FinalEvangelion posted something on ZorroX's wall:

    Awesome job in arguing with a certain Wii fanboy in the famitsu thread who uses only personal attacks and no facts for his arguments. I suppose the PS3 going down to below 10k in Japan has been "delayed." I like the Wii and all, but I think Iwata is more critical of the console than some people around here.

    < ZorroX posted something on ZorroX's wall:

    That`s how it works? I see.. Well, i commented here.

    Anyway, thanks for trust, but i think i`m good with predicting on my own.

    The only thing, that i also, not often am online, it depend on my mood. But i still think, we will do fine with predictions.

    Don`t forget to visit my threads. :P

    < BHR-3 posted something on ZorroX's wall:

    um ur supposed to post ur comment in my wall if u wanted me to read it

    it doesnt matter now like i said ive passed the torch over to you as of today so i dont think ull need much info to accurately predict things from now on

    u should be honored of the greatness that u now hold

    wat happened to ur game collection im pretty sure u had one b4

    < ZorroX posted something on ZorroX's wall:

    Well, i said that 2 mln. is possible and 1.5 mln. is very likely.

    Now with information of 2 weeks sales, with confidence i can predict that Uncharted 2 will sell even around 2.5 mln. by the end of this year.

    1.5-2+ mln. was my actual prediction in that thread.

    < BHR-3 posted something on ZorroX's wall:

    i give u the power of prediction now i hope u do well with it ur duty is to continue to inform the world of future ps3 sales trends

    dont u ever forget that im the true prediction GOD b/c i was very confident that U2 would hit 2 mil b4 09 ended meanwhile u said

    "Depends on Advertsing.

    Possible, but probably unlikely. Sony usually don`t advertise heavely their 1st/2nd party games, because if game is good it still sell a lot in long term."

    However, 1.5 mln. is very likely,

    2 mln. depends on advertising.

    and now looking down there in ur wall ur now saying it will do 2mill however b4 u said unlikely

    thats ok now u have my powers and those mistakes wont occur again just remember dont be scared to say wat u feel well happen thats the worst thing u can do

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    Write 36

    Will Sony have supply issues with the PS3 this Holiday?

    in Sony Discussion on 04 December 2009

    @kowenicki, those bundles were sold out. So, there still left some place for Christmas boost.On topic, after BF sales, i think YES, they definitely will be able to keep up with demand....

    Write 216

    The minimal PS3/360 gap will be 3.5M and maximal 5.5M by the end of 2009

    in Sales Discussion on 04 December 2009

    x360 is performing better on 4th year in Others/Europe, than i expected. Otherwise, sales would be within my predictions.5 weeks left, we shall see how will x360 perform. However, the gap will be within 3.5-5.5M, i`m pretty sure about this....

    Write 216

    The minimal PS3/360 gap will be 3.5M and maximal 5.5M by the end of 2009

    in Sales Discussion on 04 December 2009

    Hardware Sales, 29th Nov 2009 762,259 472,249 ...


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