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    < APKenna posted something on Wildchild_cob29's wall:

    Is not a big deal for me(battery life), im just poiting out some facts, and if you get offended by it, im sorry but that just proves fanboyism. Besides, im not comparing different industries, in a sense, im just saying that this Technology is available pretty much everywhere and Nintendo fanboys keep bragging about it, if you think about it, the PS3 had it since a year ago, just saying

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    Write 20

    Need someone who speaks Japanese

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 August 2017

    Hey, it's been a while since i logged in (like quite a few years) but when i saw someone needed assistance to sign up on PSO2, i knew i had to help because, i too had quite a hard time going through the captcha process. OT: The captcha is in Hiragana japanese. What i did was trying to find matching symbols with an online Hiragana keyboard like this one...

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    How many CoD games do you own?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 May 2012

    Call Of Duty 1 (PC) Call Of Duty Black Ops (X360) I didn't really want Black ops but my brother gave it to me last xmas. I kept it because it's a gift and for the sake of my collection, i haven't played it yet tho...

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    All the consoles are great, now stop whining and enjoy your games.

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 July 2010

    Wow there's an intelligence *cough* saturation in this thread. But seriously, i don't like MS and Sony, but i dont whine about that. That doesnt stop me from buying their consoles anyway. What matters is what games that hook you. If you just like games that are on 1 or 2 consoles, that's fine. But why all this crybaby acting when the company you dislike do something you dont like ?  It's...


    Education: semi-professional musician (in pre-university school unique in quebec province)

    Height: 5'11

    Eye colour: Blue

    Hair colour: Black

    Zodiac sign: Libra

    Relationship status: Single

    Favourite Games: Zelda, Metroid and Mario Franchises (for their innovations and originality) are part of my most beloved games :D.
    Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, God Of War, Contra, House Of The Dead, Tales of, Prince Of Persia, Baten Kaitos, Onimusha, Megaman, Metal Gear Solid, Viewtiful Joe, Castlevania, Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, Fire Emblem, Ninja Gaiden , Punch-out!!, etc ....

    Single games :
    Zack & Wiki, Madworld, Eternal Darkness, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, Secret Of Mana, Skies of Arcardia (one of my favorite game ever :D) and many more that doesn't come to my mind right now.

    Favourite Music: As a musician, i like almost any kind of music (except for rap and hip-hop). I prefer metal and classical music (i'm considering some VG music as classical such as nobuo uematsu and koji kondo's arts) before any other kind of music. But i still love other kind such as rock, jazz, and so on...

    My favorite metal bands:
    Ensiferum, Immemorial, Wintersun, Destroy Destroy Destroy, Kalmah, Falchion, Children Of Bodom, Norther, Imperanon (R.I.P.), Equilibrium, Dream Theater, and much, much more. The list could be very huge if i continued :P.

    Favourite Films: Resident Evil trilogy, Star Wars series, Matrix trilogy, Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children, Cheech & Chong series (i know it's old but it's still very funny :P), LotR trilogy, all of Georges A. Romero movies (except for his last one), All Peter Jackson's early career movies (bad taste, meet the feebles and brain dead), and many more again :P

    TV shows:
    Heroes, Prison Break (R.I.P. T_T), South Park, Family Guy, Supernatural, and i like japanese anime too.

    Hobbies: Play and make arrangement of musical pieces. Playing video games too ( if not, i would not be writing on VGC :P)

    About Me: I play Guitar (electric and classical), bass, drum and keyboard. Music is my greatest passion and ambition. For me, it's essential to play music as much as it's essential to eat and sleep. And as for video games, i just love them. I consider VG as an art form, not only because there is great music and really nice visuals, but because of programmers too. They are to one to make it all work. It would not be possible to have games without them.

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