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    Sony should buy some Cloud service: I found a good one.

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 May 2019 by fordy

    Cerebralbore101 said: fordy said: Virtual Networks/Machines are the cloud based alternative to their physical counterparts. There are thousands of businesses that use Azure, or services like it, and they all use it for different purposes. Your question is like asking what Sony would do with a new computer: it's really up to them.  As I mentioned before, Azure is made to...

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    With PS4K, Does The PS4 Have Any Exclusives?

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 April 2016 by CGI-Quality

    Jranation said: Azzanation said: Spot on with this post. If gamers are going to claim the XB1 has no exclusives because another MS format can play them, then its clear the PS4 games are also playable on another Sony format which is the Neo. So its a double edge sword and rightfully so. I don't need a PS4 if I can own a Neo just like you don't need an XB1 if you own Win10. The sad...

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    Who will win this E3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 June 2014 by Soundwave

    If Project: Morpheus is the real deal, then Sony takes I think. It's the most genuinely interesting "new" thing at E3 this year that really stands out from everything else that's mostly just going to be a bunch of sequels/old franchises with prettier graphics. ...

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    Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Overtakes X360

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 October 2013 by AaronSOLDIER

    Damian.W said: Don't GTA games usually sell more on Sony consoles? I mean, GTA was originally made for the PS, wasn't it? Yes and yes. Considering how close IV was despite 360 exclusive content, this is not surprising....

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    THE LAST OF US HAS DONE IT!!!!!!!!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 13 July 2013 by riderz13371

    Lol so trueeeeeeeeee...

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    Xbox One Is A Day One Purchase.. But PS4 Can Wait

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 June 2013 by tuscaniman99

    I am now officially ready for next gen. I just purchased a 50" Samsung 6500 series 3D LED SmartTV. Now I'm ready for the games. I hope Xbox One supports 3D BluRay playback and games. ...

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    I downloaded The Last of Us but it doesn't work properly anymore

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 June 2013 by Ajescent

    If you had a powercut, you will need to redownload...

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    Digital Vita game sales- (EU+USA+ASIA up) UK (Store) updated to 25th June, (MGS added) Updated with corrected figures. JP and US numbers needed. :)

    in Sony Discussion on 16 October 2012 by outlawauron

    Barozi said: yep assigning the same multiplier for all games just doesn't work when you only use user ratings as a measurement. When Minecraft was released on XBLA, it got about 600k ratings in a week and sold over 1 million copies in the same time. Now 3 million copies later it has 690k ratings.... @SamuelRSmith MrStickball mostly used leaderboard stats but also to...

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    PS3 2012 exclusive and beyond thread.

    in Sony Discussion on 20 January 2012 by deskpro2k3

    I want this, PS3 exclusive. Gundam Unicorn. Frist Trailer. The gameplay actually looks better than the cut scenes.   ...

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    UPDATED - 3DS Surpasses Lifetime Gamecube Sales In Japan * And Does It Faster Than Wii

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 January 2012 by theARTIST0017

    irstupid said: theARTIST0017 said:Interesting yes, but impressive? Not really. Consider that Wii struggled to get good games for a while and 3DS has Monster Hunter, Mario Kart, and 3D Land. Now, a comparison to another portable next year (Vita) will be more interesting to see. Ha not being impressive because 3DS has too many great games, man that is shitty.  The 3DS is...

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    Media Create Sales 12/19 ~ 12/25

    in Sales Discussion on 05 January 2012 by NoCtiS_NoX

    kowenicki said:numbers are out.... for software anyway, all down quite a bit as expected. No Vita games in sight. Yeah! Already made a thread. :-D

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    PS4 running on Android?

    in Sony Discussion on 03 January 2012 by superchunk

    The proof I need has begun.....

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    What Was The Best Thing Sony Ever Did/Made.

    in Sony Discussion on 02 January 2012 by sales2099


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    TorrentFreak's List of Most Pirated Games in 2011

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 January 2012 by miz1q2w3e

    Poor Xenoblade, probably not even gonna sell close to that much in NA...

    Write 28

    Gerard Butler as Nathan Drake

    in Sony Discussion on 29 December 2011 by pezus

    Mordred11 said: Tridrakious said: ThePS3News said: This. :)   No. Doesn't look like Nathan Drake. At least Gerard Butler looks kinda like him. It's not only about the looks.Tom Hardy is capable of bringing a more Nathan Drake-like performance than Gerard Butler.He's definitely a better actor.Plus,Hardy is 8 years younger than Butler,that makes him a...

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    PSVita launch week sales:321k

    in Sales Discussion on 22 December 2011 by M.U.G.E.N

    RockMan10 said: i got one, beat Uncharted, it was pretty rad actually. In my opinion way more fun than Uncharted 3. By the way (i havent been every where in tokyo of course) but of the 4-5 stores i have been to recently, all the Wifi models are sold out.. only the 3g are still around.   And also, isn't this just one day of sales? I'm not sure what the dates are dude join...

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    Explain to me how PS3 and Wii had better E3 than 360

    in Microsoft Discussion on 03 July 2011 by sonicinformer

    They didn't. Microsoft basically branched off from last years E3 and displayed how Kinect has made the Xbox 360 superior. Kinect has shown that it can be such a big part of the gaming universe with its compatiabilitiy with Mass Effect 3 and Halo: CE Remake. Wii U sucks and unfortunatly I didn't see the Playstation 3 segment....

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    Sony Ad on Xbox 360!!!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 April 2011 by BanTiger

    FIFA is sponsored by Sony. How long r u playing Soccer/Football !!?? It has nothing to do with Sony vs Ms. Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics, products for the consumer and professional markets. Its a multi-industry company. So the ad doesnt represent Sonys PS brand. It represent the entire Sony....

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    WW Up!!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 April 2011 by pezus

    Pavolink said: pezus said: I would say yes, for a guy who treasures his "core" games. So, people around the world have only to enjoy "core" games in the same way that you, or me or a few others? What do you mean?...

    Write 37

    Rumor: Modern Warfare 3 To Come This Year

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 January 2011 by O-D-C


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