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    Sony: 5.5m GT5 have been sold

    in Sales Discussion on 10 December 2010

    daroamer said: cicohipe said: Wow.. already outsold prologue, oh and that xbox racer... can't remember it's name. Is it the one with the 92 metacritic score? oh yeah metacritic...lets see GTA IV...98...yeah right GTA IV is really the best game this Gen "rolleyes"...

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    Thoughts about the new vgchartz

    in Sales Discussion on 01 June 2010

    i can only say why Vg why?i really hate this...and is the forum the finished Version?where is the Sony area? :D...

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    New Jak and Daxter @ E3 and more

    in Sony Discussion on 25 May 2010

    i am a big Jak anbd Daxter fan...and now im leaving this thread...with HATE! :D...

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    If FF versus xiii goes multiplat S-E will die -i am expert on japan culture

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 May 2010

    badgenome said: That's you? lol...i didnt knew that Video...thats Epic what a passion... xD...

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    God of War collection comes to PAL, Ultimate Trilogy edition canceled

    in Sony Discussion on 14 March 2010

    such bullshit...this is a shit move to release the collection after the 3rd...still gonna buy it dough......

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    Poll : How should the OPM UK Reviewer of OMGOW III die ?

    in Sony Discussion on 07 March 2010

    so what you wanna do with the reviewer from Edge...i mean a 9 unbelievable but Edge will give a 6 or 7 :D...

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    Sony's announced exclusive

    in Sony Discussion on 11 February 2010

    haha this is my thread of the day!...

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    Metal Gear Solid 4 best selling PS3 exclusive !!

    in Sony Discussion on 08 February 2010

    yeah but only because FF XIII,Assasins Creed and GTA wasnt PS a little bit lucky for MGS compared t other exclusives...and it takes Polyphony 500 years to release GT5.-..but i think in the end of the PS3 era MGS4 will be definatly Top 5 best selling exclusive...i bet GT5 and FF Versus will sell more and than maybe Agent or a unannounced big PS3 title or Kingdom Hearts III...haha i...

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    Rock ★ GTAIV DLC Coming to PS3. Including New Episode.

    in Sony Discussion on 30 December 2009

    coool...hopefully all 3 episodes on one disc + a GTA V demo...that would be enormous!...

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    PS3/360 GAP IN OTHERS 210,000

    in Sony Discussion on 12 December 2009

    yeah i also think it will happen already this year...nice Christmas present for Sony and a nice start in the year 2010!also with GT5 release in Europe 2010 Sony will finally never going behind 360 in Europe again!...

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    Kingdom Hearts will be a ps3 exclusive

    in Sony Discussion on 04 December 2009

    really?.........this is what im sayin always and ever...there is no doubt about it...the question is did developing already it nearly ready for a 2010 launch date?...

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    Why the PlayStation brand name is the strongest brand name in video games

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 November 2009

    Garnett said:Tell me could the Wii sell the same amount of units as they Trey did at $600 Nope, Could the Wii sell the same numbers as the PS3 was doing at a $400 price tag, nope. PS3 lowered the Price, the Wii followed, they know PS is a bigger brand name and if they didnt they were going to be left in the dust.   yes and people dont understand that...if 2010 all consoles...

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    Why the PlayStation brand name is the strongest brand name in video games

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 November 2009

    Sony is the biggest brand because the Ps1 + 2 +3 sold more than Wii + Nes + Snes + Gamecube + N64 + Xbox + Xbox 360 all together!...

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    Microsoft sucks!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 November 2009

    im a big Playstation fan and i am very ashamed of this silly thread!...

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    Yamauchi -- Expect PERFECTION GT5's Damage System (Wants NEW breakthroughs)

    in Sony Discussion on 02 October 2009

    GT5 launch title for PS4...CONFIRMED!!...

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    Let's talk sales! ODST sells more in 24 hours than KILLZONE in 29 weeks!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 23 September 2009

    here we go is...lets talk sales GT5 sold more than Forza 3 in 1 day!...

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    Rockstar :The Agent getting MASSIVE support from SONY + R* A Team's making

    in Sony Discussion on 03 June 2009

    what is the Agent?like Splinter Cell or what?...

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    Please! Bring back the old Version

    in Website Topics on 24 May 2009

    i liked the old design more than this!i was in love with the old design...the new is not bad but you cant compare this to the great old design!...

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    Vote here for the VGC best games of all time!

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 April 2009

    Metal Gear Solid 1Metal Gear Solid 3Metal Gear Solid 4Mario 64Gran Turismo 4...

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