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    VGChartz Playstation Trophy League

    in Sony Discussion on 17 December 2009

    Borderlands is a really good game to lose yourself in, especially with a splitscreen partner. It's very long for an FPS but not so long that you won't get some trophies each play session....

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    Would you buy a 360 if EA goes exclusive with MS?

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 October 2009

    Well EA would have no real effect, until Dead Space I hadn't liked an EA game since the Commodore 64, they are generally everything I hate in a game company.You know who would have to sign an exclusivity contract with Microsoft for me to buy an Xbox?SCE!!(or Blizzard, I'd buy an N-Gage if I had to to play their games)(or Capcom+Ubisoft+Square+KOEI)...

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    Worldwide UP!

    in Sales Discussion on 02 October 2009

    Incredible, who here would have predicted, even a couple of months ago, that the PS3 would EVER win against the Wii & 360 four weeks running?The question that really interests me now is, how much of an effect will the Wii price cut have? I may be wrong, but I'm not convinced that there are that many potential Wii owners out there waiting for a price cut. And in a month, if the price cut hasn't...

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    Why the PS3 will not last long, let alone 10 years.

    in Sales Discussion on 30 May 2009

    The death spiral that was posited in the OP is not going to happen in this case, simply because the PS3 and Xbox 360 support each other. By which I mean, developers don't make Wii, 360, and PS3 games - they make Wii games and HD games, both of which they have 50m customers for. The current shift toward Wii development is simply a shift toward the equal balance Wii deserves, because as well as it...

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    will u buy the "playstation 4" , if its controller is like the wiimote?

    in Sony Discussion on 09 May 2009

    ^^100% agree....

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    Who here thinks ps3 is Sonys' last videogame console?

    in Sony Discussion on 27 April 2009

    I tink part of the reason they sank so much into PS3 R&D is because a lot of that tech, which is not getting fully exploited now due to bottlenecks in other areas, will be usable in the PS4. The pain they've suffered the last three years is drawing to an end, and it leaves them with a lot of the hard work of the next dozen years already done. Sony aren't going anywhere....

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    Do you think the PS3 is the best console ever?

    in Sony Discussion on 24 April 2009

    PS3 wins that race without breaking a sweat....

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    will u buy the "playstation 4" , if its controller is like the wiimote?

    in Sony Discussion on 23 April 2009

    OooSnap said:I think whether you like it or not motion controls are the way of the future. Motion controls are great when implemented the right way like in Zack and Wiki and Wario Ware. There is no doubt Sony and Microsoft are going to have motion controls for each hand next gen much like the Wii and nunchuks. Why? Because sales show that's what the masses want, it brings new gameplay...

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    Why does everyone love to hate the Wii?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 April 2009

    Why do people keep asking this? Consoles breed fanboyism and fanboyism breeds hatred. I personally think that my PS3 is a shiny black gift from the heavens, but tons of people rip on it and that's just the way it is. There are haters for EVERYTHING, and that goes triple in the geeky gaming landscape we all frequent.In this case, the situation is exacerbated because for the first time in console...

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    in Sony Discussion on 30 March 2009

    @leonidusYou forgot your date of birth? Seriously?...

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    Killzone 2 out of stock at Play.com

    in Sony Discussion on 24 February 2009

    @spartanfxWow, PS3 1-2-3 on that list, and RE5 PS3>RE5 360!! Gj SONY!...

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    Sixaxis a mistake?

    in Sony Discussion on 17 February 2009

    Lair gave the Sixaxis terrible PR, when really Lair wasn't bad because of Sixaxis controls, it was just bad, period. Like the Wiimote, 3rd parties don't get Sixaxis, but with the Sixaxis there's no motivation for them to keep trying. However, enough 1st party games (Heavenly Sword, Folklore, Loco Roco Cocoreccho, and others including now KZ2) have used it well for me to know it's a good...

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    Question on first playthrough difficulty

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 February 2009

    Regarding "lazy play style", I guess I'm thinking mainly of games like Street Fighter or God of War, where you can beat easy modes by repeating moves over and over, and never using any defensive strategy. Then if you up the difficulty, you basically have to unlearn your technique and begin again, which can be just as frustrating.The key difference between you and me is you don't seem to mind...

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    Question on first playthrough difficulty

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 February 2009

    I agree with nordlead. The first playthrough of a game is the truly fun time, and playing it on childishly easy difficulty makes it more like a poorly paced movie than an interactive experience. I always dip my toes in on an above-average difficulty with no tutorials, and if I'm overmatched it doesn't take long to realise.Plus, with certain games, if you play too long in easy or normal you can...

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    Error E 74…The 360’s New Outbreak?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 January 2009

    twesterm said: NJ5 said: gebx said:Tip to whoever gets this error message - Wrap 360 in towel and leave on all day- Unwrap RRoD'ed 360 and get it replaced by MS This is not a RROD thread!     E74 isn't covered by the warranty, the RRoD is.  He's telling you to red ring your system and then send it in. Also, I'm pretty sure this isn't as...

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    What game made you buy your consoles in all console genaritons?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 December 2008

    C64 - Mum bought it for meNES - Super Mario Bros 3 (came late)SNES - Super Street Fighter IIPS1 - FFVII & Oddworld: Abe's OddyseePS2 - Soul Reaver II (which turned out to suck balls), plus dozens of awesome PS1 games but broken PS1)PS3 - Dozens of awesome PS2 games but broken PS2...

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    The official PS3 Full of Win thread # 1(PSFoW #1)

    in Sony Discussion on 03 December 2008

    Squilliam, what country are you in? I've never known a country to get things even later than Australia (just ask Yahtzee)! Let me guess... you're from St. Kitts & Nevis? Guatemala? Togo, perhaps?...

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    Will Sony pull off a PS3 price cut?

    in Sony Discussion on 15 November 2008

    Yeah, I'm thinking about Q3 2009 too.People laugh at the 10-year plan, but Sony have always intended the PS3 to be around for a long time. Everyone knows Sony lost $3b on the console in the beginning, and they know that they sold hardly any consoles early on. But think about it, if PS3 had come out selling like hot cakes, the massive loss per console would truly have bankrupted the company. It...

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    R2 is the most intense game I ever played.

    in Sony Discussion on 24 October 2008

    This thread is REALLY encouraging, looking forward to this game so much. Just hope my PS3 gets fixed in time. Fingers crossed!!...

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    what make makes ps3 better than 360s

    in Sony Discussion on 17 October 2008

    Sardauk said: mangolamp@ymail.com said: what make makes ps3 better than 360s and what great games r there on ps3 !!!   Not the sales obviously ...   Despite everyone mocking it as a failure, and saying MS has the upper hand on Sony, the PS3 has sold more units in its first 2 years than the 360 did. So sales DO make PS3 better than 360. I can't say...

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