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    < BraLoD posted something on Ariakon's wall:

    Do you want any tips on Nioh?

    Sure, any help would be appreciated.

    on 11 March 2017

    I saw you having trouble with the first Japan boss, the trick is through his right side, as he'll usually start with a left hand slap to the ground, if you understand how to time it well enough, he'll follow with a right hand slap and/or a foward jump, which leaves his back open for a few seconds for you to exploit, take some hits with a quick weapon/low stance or one or two heavy hits and start backing off as he'll start spinning his chain with balls to hit you, keep repeating it, it works after you break the chains exactly the same, but once he is like that, stay far away from him until he tried to throw the balls at you, he usually throws each of the two in a row and starts chasing you, but keep calm and wait for him to chase you, as it may vary (in my experience he'll throw more times if you make too much damage too quick on him), he'll throw them slowly is you are far away and not directly behind his back, otherwise he may make a twist quick throw that's harder to avoid and you'll have to read his body pattern before he does it to game safe dodges.

    Once you get past this boss, you'll have more means to face the other bosses, it's troublesome now, but you can do it.

    on 11 March 2017

    And oh, capitalize his body slams to the ground, once he start spinning get far away and target his head/horns after he lands, you'll stun him for a while, take some more hits but back off quickly because he'll get up with a sideways slap.

    on 11 March 2017

    Thanks, I finally beat him, and now I'm at Hino Emna. My problem isn't so much figuring out the patterns at this point, it's staying vigilant through the entire fight. I know what she's going to do, it's just reacting in time throughout the entire fight, these bosses have crazily high health and can kill you in just a few shots. My younger self would have been better at this game, ha.

    on 12 March 2017

    I found her pretty easy, just don't let her paralyse you when she flies or sometimes on ground, and she is not much trouble, it's easy to avoid her moves with a normal status, and she lets you hit her quite a bit before starting to attack again, once she flies you'll also be having a easy target for a few hits just as well, because if she doesn't paralyse you, avoiding her flying to catch you is pretty easy, and she'll do some useless, very open animation, and to land and get back at attack, so you can start dashing towards her landing place right aftet avoiding her and take some nice hits on her.
    The trick with her is always keep moving, low stance without a doubt, the damage is low but the speed and stamina recovery boost more than make up for it, she could barely touch me, and baiting her kick or umbrella combo was very easy, she'll do a two motion move with any of the two (kick or umbrella) and if you are close she will add a third, so keep away when she starts and dash towars her to bait the third and quickly move towards her side to avoid it and take some hits.
    Honestly, it's not that hard, just be patient with doing low damage and don't rush with too many attacks to do too much damage because that'll just make you get hit back, ansd you are fine.

    on 12 March 2017

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    on 03 January 2017


    on 06 January 2017

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Ariakon's wall:

    That is kind of a creepy avatar, where is it from?

    It's Eileen the Crow from Bloodborne :)

    on 11 November 2016

    Thanks, wow, great choice!

    on 11 November 2016

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Ariakon's wall:

    Seems like we have similar tastes!

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