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    Official 2020 US Presidential Election Thread

    in Politics Discussion 1 day ago

    Yikes that was a national embarrassment. What the hell? ...

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    Poll: Which next-gen system are you getting, and what region are you from?

    in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago

    I plan on the PS5 as of now. Will be watching the market closer to launch. Right now the PS5 has me far more impressed and excited with it's games and features. The speeds, dual sense, 3D audio. Definitely leaning more to that. ...

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    Youtuber says Ubisoft could be bought out by either google,microsoft, or amazon

    in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago

    First time I heard Microsoft tied into this. I've been hearing Amazon is the most likely candidate for this and Ubisoft is already getting a dedicated channel for Luna. I also heard ramblings of Sony buying out Ubisoft. Only thing I heard about Microsoft is rumors of them and something regarding Sega. Now if Microsoft is buying them out or the more likely scenario of a new partnership with them...

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    BOLD PREDICTION: PS5 and PS5D to be $399 and $349 respectively

    in Sales Discussion on 13 September 2020

    Very bold claim. Highly unlikely, but not impossible. Sony would need to prepare for that loss and really push software, accessories, increase PS+ subscriptions to hardware sold ratios to make up for that. Hopefully we will know the prices and release date on Wednesdays. ...

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    Alien 3 or Resurrection?

    in Movies Discussion on 13 September 2020

    Alien Resurrection just straight up sucks no matter what, and was the worst in the series. Alien 3 Assembly Cut was enjoyable. I would rank it above quite a few of the other films. ...

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    Bloomberg: Multiple Devs Saying Nintendo Asking For 4K Switch Games

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 September 2020

    Soundwave said: BraLoD said: If the Series S can't run games at native 4K why would a Switch 2 be able to?Only if it's straight-up 1080p upscalling, which the system would do, not the devs. Nvidia DLSS could do it because you only need to hit 900p-1080p to get 4K. So if Nvidia is giving them a chip with Tensor cores, there's your answer right there.  Also running Mario...

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    Square Enix "Marvel Avengers" PC Beta datamine character leaks

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 August 2020

    JWeinCom said: The Fury said: Personally feel a lot of these characters feel like reskins of ones on the list already. Carol Danvers, is there, so we get Captain Marvel. Hulk is there so we get She-hulk and Red Hulk. Hawkeye so we get Kate Bishop, Cap so we get Bucky. If they end up adding Bet-Ray or Thunderstrike, you know they are just reskinning characters. :PBut alas, not like...

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    Let's Predict the Floor for Metroid Prime 4

    in Sales Discussion on 16 August 2020

    1.75 million is my prediction for the lowest it will sell. Voted 2 mill as that rounds up. It's likely going to sell around the 3 million mark realistically. ...

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    Square Enix "Marvel Avengers" PC Beta datamine character leaks

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 August 2020

    Announced Playable Characters:- Captain America- Iron-Man- Thor- Hulk- Black Widow- Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan)- Hawk Eye- Spider-Man (PlayStation Exclusive)Unannounced Playable Characters:- Ant Man - Wasp - Vision - Black Panther - Dr. Strange - Falcon - Mar-Vell - Mockingbird - Quake - Winter Soldier - Scarlet Witch - Captain Marvel - Kate Bishop - She-Hulk - War Machine​Other Character...

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    Will you see Terminator: Dark Fate?

    in Movies Discussion on 06 May 2019

    I'm very interested in this movie to see how it turns out. It has a great cast and is make decisions that could result in a much better film than the last few. I honestly cannot stress enough how perfect and qualified Gabriel Luna is to play the new terminator. I'm really itching to see a trailer to see how he portrays one. Mackenzie Davis is another talented choice and we get some major...

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    Wii or N64?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 May 2019


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    PS5>XB4>NS units sold next gen

    in Sales Discussion on 18 April 2019

    shikamaru317 said: Airaku said: This is also a rumor and unknown. Anaconda is rumored to be comparable (maybe a little stronger than, maybe a little weaker than) the PS5. Most of the rumors I've seen are just claims that it wants to be stronger than the PS5, but alternatively the rumors and confirmed info the PS5 both seem to have it above what we hear about the Anaconda....

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    What's your least favourite genre of music?

    in Music Discussion on 18 April 2019

    Country is annoying as hell for me and I just can't get into it. There's few to none when it comes to Country songs I can tolerate. Most of the time it makes me wanna scream. You completely forgot to include Punk or Alternative which was a smart move as that genre is the best! ...

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    PS5>XB4>NS units sold next gen

    in Sales Discussion on 18 April 2019

    shikamaru317 said: Where are you getting the rumor that Xbox will be weaker from. Leaks point to 2 different next-gen Xbox, codenamed Lockhart and Anaconda. Lockhart is said to be weaker than PS5 (but also cheaper), while Anaconda is said to be more powerful than PS5 (though possibly more expensive). This is also a rumor and unknown. Anaconda is rumored to be comparable (maybe a...

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    What Do You Most Want to See Next from the Resident Evil Franchise?

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 March 2019

    epicurean said: Man, I hate the CO-OP titles cause I have no friends. I played the demo on 5 and then never even bothered playing the whole thing because I hated it so much. I'm thinking about buying the remastered versions of 5 and 6 and just putting it on the easiest mode so I can get the story, but is it even that great?Loved 7, but I can understand people wanting 3rd person...

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    What Do You Most Want to See Next from the Resident Evil Franchise?

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 March 2019

    1) Resident Evil: Revelations 3 - This is the no-brainer next step to fill the gaps between Resident Evil 6 and 7.2) Resident Evil 8 - New location and setting, but please start tying up some of the lose ends and make it connected to the overall narrative of the series. 3) Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake - The RE2 remake was brilliant and we need Nemesis done in the same vein. Hopefully next gen...

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    Alita Battle Angel by James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez (based on the manga

    in Movies Discussion on 17 February 2019

    Just got back from seeing it and wow! Honestly it's already one of my favorite movies of all time. For those complaining about the big eyes being off putting. It's not! It's hardly noticeable after the first few minutes, and it's part of the reason this movie works. Along with the heart and soul, Alita is one of the most emotionally fragile and human characters ever put on screen. I often...

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    Konami E3 2018 show floor listing reveals compilations and more!

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 June 2018

    Well Metal Gear Survive I believe is free this week. On the 13th they are releasing a DLC that for outfits for "The Boss" and "Big Boss" from MGS3 which has led to speculation for HD remake of that game. Which is speculated to prep people for the next big numbered title which is rumored to be shown off at E3. I've also heard ramblings that we might get an Emblem unlocked in Phantom Pain next week...

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    Rumor: Next Assassinís Creed to Launch in 2019 and be Set in Greece

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 March 2018

    This is very good news. I've been hoping for an Assassin's Creed: Greece for a very long time. It's the perfect setting to really push the First Civilization plot points and move the story forward tremendously rather than stringing it along. As for the main character I am hoping for a female protagonist being the daughter of Atlas. Elektra or if they really want to go tragic, Atlas's wife...

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    What are you listening to right now

    in Music Discussion on 02 March 2018

    So far the new songs of the new album has been rather disappointing, but this track is GREAT! A really good song!...

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