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Scholz noted that he currently sees no reason to expand the area of use of Western weapons in the war in Ukraine.

There are "clear rules for the supply of German weapons that have been agreed with Ukraine and that work," Scholz said.

"At least this is my position," he added.

The aim of his policy towards Ukraine is "to prevent the conflict from escalating into a major war," Scholz added, noting that Germany has so far made the supply of weapons to Ukraine conditional on them not being used on Russian territory.

German Chancellor Opposes Using Western Weapons To Strike Russia | Ukrainska Pravda

Is Scholz the biggest moron in Europe? Is this dude for real? Someone check him for brain trauma. What the actual fuck is he talking about that he currently sees no reason to expand the use, how about the Russian troops gathering on the Ukraine border which can't be hit with western weapons? How about Russia killing innocent Ukrainians with artillery, missiles, etc, from across the border which Ukraine can't destroy because of the stupid rule? Clear rules that work? This rule doesn't work! This rule goes against all logical military sense, no country at war would be happy with this rule because it's utterly braindead from a tactical standpoint.

Is Scholz okay? Genuinely, does Russia have dirt on him? You begin to wonder with how much shit that comes out of his mouth and his stupid ass excuses, I fully believe Grant Shapps when he said that Germany doesn't allow Ukraine to hit Crimea with its weapons, Scholz is that much of a coward, a bunch of Neville Chamberlains everywhere, Scholz is the wrong leader for Germany at the wrong time, Italy and Spain are practically useless and not even relevant to NATO right now, France/UK/America are cowards but just a bit less than Scholz which isn't a compliment.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 26 May 2024