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For them, it is a pleasure to burn. We all know who we are dealing with. Russia is ruled by people who want to make it the norm to burn lives, destroy cities and villages, divide nations and erase national borders with war.

There is no nation that can stop such a war by its own efforts alone. The participation of world leaders is needed.

Does Russia want dialogue? Ukraine has the world's greatest experience of deception by Russia in negotiations. Deception, which, in particular, was Russia's cover for the preparation of this war. And that is why global efforts are needed - a peace summit with the participation of leaders who cannot be deceived by Russia.

Together with Switzerland, we are preparing such a Summit. It starts on June 15. We have already confirmed the participation of more than 80 countries and continue to work with leaders, inviting them to the Summit. Thanks to everyone who really helps peace. I turn to the world leaders who are still on the sidelines of the global effort to prepare for the Peace Summit: to President Biden, the leader of the United States, to President Xi, the leader of China. We don't want the UN Charter to burn like these books. I hope you don't want to either. Please show your leadership in bringing about peace - real peace, not pauses between strikes.

The efforts of the world majority are the best guarantee of the fulfillment of obligations. Please support the Peace Summit with your personal leadership and participation.

Many leaders, representatives of states and international organizations, as well as civil society leaders, expressed solidarity with Ukraine and Kharkiv and condemned Russian terror.

It is important that such condemnation results in fair consequences. To finally receive a sufficient number of air defense systems to protect Ukraine and our cities. For partners to demonstrate sufficient decisiveness to support preemptive protection against Russian terrorists. A type of protection that would be provided against any terrorists who would be hit and destroyed before they could begin to destroy life.

We can see every point where Russian troops are concentrated. We know all areas from which Russian missiles are launched and combat aircraft take off.

Destroying this terrorist force, saving thousands of lives, and ensuring that the war does not expand, is entirely a political decision. The decision that must be made.

I thank everyone who supports us in this regard. We will also work with partners to accelerate and expand F-16 deliveries to Ukraine. This, too, will improve protection against terror attacks on our cities and Russian army pressure on the front lines.