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Child among 6 killed in Israeli attack on Rafah

An Israeli attack on a residential building in the Rafah Governorate has killed 6 including a child and wounded many others, according to the Wafa news agency. The attack hit the home of the Qishta family in the Khirbet al-Adas area, north of the city of Rafah, the agency said.

The latest death came after Israeli forces killed at least 51 Palestinians in attacks across Gaza, including six in a separate assault on Khirbet al-Adas earlier on Saturday.

The agency said the Israelis used a missile, which hit the home of the Qishta family.

Kuwait Hospital in Rafah sounds alarm over dwindling fuel supplies

The director of the Kuwait Specialty Hospital in Rafah is warning the medical facility will run out of fuel in less than 24 hours.

“We are sounding the alarm and urging the World Health Organization to live up to its responsibilities and provide the hospital with the necessary fuel to power the generators. We have an amount of fuel that is enough only for 24 hours,” Shuaib al-Hams told Al Jazeera.

“The Palestinian people must not be left alone to face their fate. This hospital is still operating and has never been evacuated. We will continue our efforts for the sake of the patients and we are now trying to establish a field hospital as soon as possible.”


Palestinians flee Jabalia amid ‘extremely harsh conditions’

The situation is very difficult for everyone here in [the] Jabalia refugee camp and in the northern areas of the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military is expanding its ground operation, forcing the citizens and displaced people to leave their areas in [the] al-Faluja and Beit Lahiya areas.

The people who have left the eastern parts of [the] Jabalia camp to al-Faluja and Beit Lahiya are now being forced to leave again after two weeks of this military ground operation. They are leaving without having a specific place to go.

They have no shelter to resort to and the Israeli forces have destroyed as many of these people’s houses and shelters as they could. The conditions are extremely harsh, together with heavy gunfire and non-stop artillery shelling from the Israeli forces.

Israeli forces attack homes in Rafah, Nuseirat and Beit Lahiya

The Wafa news agency is reporting an additional attack on Rafah – this time on the Yabna camp in the city’s centre. The agency said casualties from the attack arrived at the Kuwaiti Hospital, but did not state how many people were killed or wounded.

Elsewhere in Gaza, Israeli jets also bombed areas in the central Nuseirat refugee camp as well as in Beit Lahiya, according to Wafa.

Qassam Brigades claims it destroyed Israeli forces in Jabalia

Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, says it “destroyed a group of enemy forces penetrating the al-Qasaaseeb neighbourhood” in the Jabalia refugee camp with heavy calibre mortar fire.

The Israeli army continues with its operation in Jabalia in northern Gaza that started earlier in the month, causing mass displacement of the Palestinians there towards other areas.

At least 35,984 Palestinians killed since October 7: Ministry

At least 35,984 Palestinians have been killed and 80,643 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7, its Health Ministry says. The ministry added that 81 people were killed and 223 injured in the latest 24-hour reporting period.

A Palestinian boy rides a bicycle past a destroyed building in Rafah, Sunday