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Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

I have a feeling that DF🤡 will actively compare the Switch 2 and Series S to the PS5 and PC, not the Switch 2 and Series S.
They will want to avoid as much as possible any opportunity to make Xbox look bad.

Digital Foundry is one of the least bias outlets out there.

Chrkeller said:

I already amended my statement in my first response, lol.  

You really don't bother reading what people post, do you?

If you cared to read, I acknowledged that.

Chrkeller said:

You can quote whatever you want.  All I said is Nintendo has to draw a price point line somewhere because of their audience, which is true.  

Correct. They do.
And going from 12GB of Ram to 16GB of Ram is an irrelevant issue in regards to price, because it's only a few dollars, but the benefits are huge.

Chrkeller said:

Also I find it hard to believe M2 doesn't run hotter than 100 mb/s SD.  Perhaps one of us is spinning a narrative.....  

I never claimed that an M.2 drive runs hotter or cooler than a SD card running at 100MB/s, but like I alluded to prior, M.2 drives are not drives you throw into your pocket because they are naked PCB's prone to things like static, bending and other forces.

Heat isn't the issue like you originally claimed however.

And "slots" themselves can be passively cooled anyway, which M.2 drives are often happy with.

Chrkeller said:

Also YOU don't have a clue on costing either.  None of this is even confirmed nor do we know what profit margin Nintendo is targeting. 😆 

I never claimed I had an idea on costings outside of the Ram example I outlined earlier.
I literally agreed with you multiple times that we have no idea on actual costs as the hardware has not been released.

But like I argued prior, it also doesn't matter.

I am a consumer... And as a consumer we should ALWAYS demand more and better hardware from these multi-billion dollar companies, to argue otherwise is anti-consumer.

sc94597 said:

Sort of tangential to this thread, but I am thinking there is a good chance the next generation of consoles (PS6/next Xbox) will be ARM-based rather than x86, given the huge gains we're seeing with Apple Silicon and now the Qualcomm laptop chips in terms of performance/power unit.

Apple is exclusive to Apple.

Qualcomm however is another story... The issue there though isn't the CPU capability, but the GPU capability, AMD in the mid-range is still in another league in terms of capability.
In saying that... AMD is adopting ARM and rolling out chips based on it, which could be a lucrative option for the next Xbox or Playstation.

But x86 isn't being dropped, far from it. Zen5 and Zen6 are coming which should bring with it tangible improvements to performance per watt.

sc94597 said:

I also think we're only scratching the surface of Deep Learning enhanced graphics with current DLSS.

I would argue Unreal Engines TSR offers the better option currently.

XESS has made massive gains... And FSR is still... Well. FSR.
But these technologies are still in their infancy relatively, give them a few more years and it will look even more interesting.

sc94597 said:

Even if they stay with AMD/x86, current AMD APU's have NPU's built-in. Right now NPU's are behind in raw performance (but ahead GPU's in terms of power efficiency) but I think that could be very different four to five years from now. They might be competitive in the mid-tier (competing with RTX XX50/XX60) space.

The idea is to roll it into the pipelines, AMD is already setting itself up with that by going VLIW2 in a ways, again.
Keep in mind that GPU's have already had low-precision floating point and integer support for over a decade at this point, so technically all GPU's can be "A.I" chips.

sc94597 said:

Would be interesting to see how Nvidia and Nintendo navigate this given that Nvidia has an interest in keeping anything more than light Deep-Learning workloads centered on their GPU's rather than NPU's, unless they enter the NPU market themselves. 

The other option is to include a small, discreet NPU engine on a graphics chip that doesn't require firing up the rest of the GPU to activate, but still have the real A.I hardware baked into the pipelines.

I would rather not go down that path as I don't like the idea of an NPU engine eating into silicon space that could be used for more Ray Tracing or Shader cores, but it's one way to get a handle on the power side of the equation.

sc94597 said:

But yeah, I think the 10th Generation will be a much larger leap than the 9th mostly because I think Deep Learning aided graphics will balloon in scope and applications.  

It's a good idea to watch the PC space as that is where the innovation is occurring on this front, with A.I being the hot buzz word, Intel and AMD rolling out A.I capabilities in their CPU's, we are in for an interesting few years.

And honestly, I don't think it's going to fizzle out like with the 3D fad, it's being baked into hardware and software at every level.

Chrkeller said:

Wouldn't a move to ARM kill backwards compatibility?  Especially with PS Now and Game Pass?

I wholly agree tools and AI are going to explode in the next 5 years.  Unreal 5 demos show there is still a ton to be had with visuals.  

Potentially yes.

However in Microsoft's case, they have kept everything fairly high-level so the hardware is less relevant, they can use binary translation for compatibility... Which will come at the cost of power and performance, but the improved hardware should make up that difference.

I mean we have had Intel Atom x86 tablets running Android and were able to run ARM compiled software just fine before.

Conina said:
Pemalite said:

To be fair, I have a 1 Terabyte MicroSD card in my Switch and it's about 90% full.
But I also have a pair of 16 Terabyte Hard Drives on my Xbox Series X and that is also about 90% full.

You have 30 TB data on your Xbox hard drives?

My 1 TB SSD is almost full, but I could uninstall a lot which I prefer to play on PC.
My 5 TB HDD for legacy stuff (Xbox 360 and Xbox One games) is only 70% full.

Give or take. Yes.

I have OG Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series titles all on the one device, well over 2,000 titles.

Same issue I have on PC and Playstation 5 though, but the Playstation 5 to a lesser extent as I don't have it loaded with PS1, PS2 and PS3 titles.

My Switch Library is probably the smallest, but I still need a larger SD Card, 2tb SD Cards aren't common yet, hopefully they enter the market before Nintendo Switches it's online services off.

Soundwave said:

Most people don't even have all their games downloaded nowadays, it will fill up all the storage on a PS5/XB quickly too, I just delete games I haven't played in a while.

That said, using a 1TB SD Card for "cold storage" and even backing up other games you've downloaded onto a PC (so if you do get the urge to play them again you can just transfer to the SD Card rather than spending an hour+ downloading) works fine too.

You want main storage that is fast and large enough to hold any single game plus a little overhead at minimum, Switch 2 will have that.

I have everything installed and updated, I don't like wasting my time installing/updating games.

Don't ever use an SD card for cold storage, it uses NAND which is prone to bit-flipping and thus can lose it's data.

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