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‘No surprise’: Israeli forces intensify attacks on Gaza despite court order to stop

It’s not a surprise to see the Israeli military scaling up its attacks across the Gaza Strip at the same time as the court was in session ordering Israel to [implement] a complete cessation of its hostilities and genocidal acts on the ground.

It’s happened before, repeatedly almost. Every resolution, every decision in an international arena is met with public defiance by the Israeli government and the Israeli military on the ground.

Just as day breaks, we have reports of ongoing attacks in the vicinity of the Kuwaiti Hospital, including Shaboura refugee camp, which is where the hospital is located. Relentless attacks took place overnight on Shaboura refugee camp.

In the early hours of this morning, there is more artillery shelling of [the camp’s] surroundings, which is pushing people into further forced displacement and also preventing ambulance vehicles from the hospital being dispatched to get to areas where there has been a bombing.

Gradually, step by step, another health facility is being pushed out of service as the Israeli military approaches the main roads leading to the Kuwaiti Hospital.

Right now we can safely say that there isn’t a single health facility operational in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Israel’s attacks in Rafah continue despite ICJ ruling

There are intense attacks and aerial bombardment by the Israeli forces across the Gaza Strip despite the ICJ ruling. There were massive attacks across Rafah, particularly in the eastern and the central parts, when the court was in session yesterday.

The Israeli military said nine bombs were dropped on one area in the city, which seems like an attempt by the army to assassinate a target. We have also seen an expansion of the military incursion further to the western part and the surrounding areas, where Shaboura refugee camp and Kuwaiti Hospital are located.

The camp has been bombed in the past months, with attacks severely damaging residential homes and the public facilities, including the roads leading to the hospital.

Hamas using ‘fighting compounds’ as ‘most violent’ battle for Jabalia rages: Monitors

Palestinian fighters in Gaza’s northern Jabalia refugee camp have established “fighting compounds” which allow them to rapidly and safely move through buildings rather than on the streets where they would be exposed to Israeli attack, war monitors report.

Israeli forces battling in Jabalia since May 11 have described the Palestinian resistance fighters in the camp area as “bolder” that in other parts of Gaza and the fighting as being the “most violent” of the war so far, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) and the Critical Threats Project (CTP) report.

The US-based defence think tanks said the two-week-long battle for control of Jabalia demonstrates that Hamas is “conducting a deliberate defence of the area” and their “unusually high rate of attacks” on Israeli forces proves that Hamas can remain “combat effective”, despite the loss of their Jabalia battalion commander in October.

“Hamas has organized its military wing like a conventional military and has developed a deep bench of experienced military commanders to run it,” the ISW/CTP said. “Hamas uses this conventional military structure to continue fighting, despite intense Israeli military pressure.”

Israel’s Jabalia operation causing more internal displacement

The Israeli military has continued its operation in the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza, targeting more residential buildings and public facilities, including schools and UNRWA facilities.

The attacks have displaced more people.

Right now, the entire population of the camp has been pushed out towards the western part of Gaza City, apart from the people trapped inside at the evacuation centres due to the Israeli operation.

There has been no water or food supplied to the camp for the last 17 days. There is an actual famine going on there.

Separately in Jabalia, an attack on a three-storey residential building reportedly killed three people, with several injured, in what seem to be a targeted assault.

Palestinians living in the Jabalia Refugee Camp, Beit Lahia, Al-Falouja, and Al-Fakhura in the north of Gaza migrate towards safer areas after being forced to flee due to Israeli attacks, Friday