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Former Italian MP hangs Palestinian flag from Italian parliament

Former Italian Member of Parliament Stefano Apuzzo has been filmed hanging a Palestinian flag from the Italian parliament in Rome in protest of Israel’s war on Gaza.

In footage of the incident, Apuzzo can be seen climbing out of a window at the Palazzo Montecitorio, home to the lower house of the Italian Parliament, and onto a balcony, where he unfurls a Palestinian flag.

“Enough with the use of Italian weapons in genocide in Gaza. There are 35,000 dead in Gaza,” Apuzzo shouts from the balcony.

Punched, choked, kicked: German police crack down on student protests

Campus activism in Germany has stepped up in recent weeks as students, following their American counterparts, have established occupations or encampments on university grounds in Berlin, Munich, Cologne and other cities.

While some protests have proceeded peacefully, others have been dispersed by police, sparking public debate about whether students have exceeded the limits of protected speech and protest in Germany, or whether authorities have infringed on those same rights in order to suppress antiwar activism.

One student occupier at Berlin’s Humboldt University told Al Jazeera that police punched his head repeatedly and kicked him as they broke up protesters’ occupation of a campus building, sending him to the hospital with a concussion.

A pro-Palestinian protester at the department of social sciences at Berlin’s Humboldt University is removed from the building by police

US says cruise missile destroyed in latest attack on Yemen’s Houthis

The US military’s Central Command, which has responsibility for the Middle East, said its forces “successfully engaged” a cruise missile site in an area of Houthi-controlled Yemen.

The land-attack cruise missile presented an “imminent threat” to US and military coalition forces, as well as merchant vessels in the region, CENTCOM said in justification for its attack on Friday.

Houthi forces in Yemen have been waging a months-long campaign to target shipping in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden with links to Israeli firms or ports. Houthi leaders say their attacks on shipping will end when Israel ends its war on Gaza.

Thousands of Houthi supporters gathered in the capital Sanaa on Friday, in what has become a weekly event, to show public support for Palestinians as Israel’s military pounds the Gaza Strip from air, land and sea.