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Father of captive retrieved from Gaza said Israeli gov’t has not contacted him

The father of Hanan Yablonka, an Israeli captive whose body was retrieved from Gaza on Friday, said that he has not been contacted by anyone in the Israeli government regarding his son’s death.

“It’s hard for us and no one called,” he told Israel’s Channel 12.

“Maybe I should be a Likud member [Netanyahu’s party], then everyone would call me. The prime minister can’t call? Are we hundreds? It’s three families, make a call, send a telegram,” the grieving father said.

The Israeli military said the bodies of three captives taken to the Palestinian enclave in the October 7 attack were recovered during an overnight mission in Jabalia, northern Gaza. It named them as Orion Hernandez, 30, Hanan Yablonka, 42, and Michel Nisenbaum, 59.

Israelis protest against US support for Gaza war

Israeli activists protest against Israel’s war on Gaza and the US providing weapons for the war in front of the US consulate in Jerusalem on May 24

Setting fire to UNWRA headquarters is fine, protesting peacefully is not allowed.

Majority of Israelis say Netanyahu’s gov’t not doing enough to free captives

A new poll conducted by the Midgam polling institute for Israel’s Channel 12 reveals that 67 percent of Israelis believe Netanyahu’s government is not doing enough to free captives held in Gaza.

Only 30 percent of those polled on Friday believe Israel’s ultimate goal at this stage of the war is to defeat Hamas.

Twenty-two percent said Israel bears sole responsibility for the failure of the exchange negotiations while 48 percent called on War Council minister Benny Gantz to resign from the cabinet immediately.

Israeli rights group calls on ‘citizens of Israel’ to open eyes to ‘apartheid regime’

B’Tselem, one of Israel’s leading human rights organisations, has called on Israelis to heed developments at the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice regarding the war on Gaza and ensure the “violence, destruction and killing” stops.

“Israel will inevitably incur harsher international intervention” if it continues to “ignore the catastrophic reality on the ground” in Gaza and fails in its “duty to protect human life”, B’Tselem said in a series of posts on social media.

“We, the citizens of Israel, must open our eyes,” the rights group said. “We must listen to the clear call from around the world: the violence, destruction and killing must stop now,” it said.

“It is time we understood that violence and disregard for human life are keystones of the Israeli apartheid regime between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.”