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UN chief expects Israel to comply with ICJ order: Spokesperson

A spokesman for Antonio Guterres said the UN’s secretary-general “trusts” that Israel will comply with the International Court of Justice’s orders and end its attack on Rafah, open Gaza’s border crossings to allow entry of humanitarian aid, and allow access to Gaza for war crimes investigators.

Guterres also expects that the other “parties” – a reference to Palestinian armed groups – will implement the ICJ’s repeated call for the immediate release of Israeli captives held in Gaza, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said.

UN member states have a duty to follow Security Council decisions and court orders, he said. “The secretary-general has no crystal ball,” Dujarric told reporters. “Whether or not they choose to do so is a question you need to ask them.”

In accordance with the ICJ statute, Dujarric said the secretary-general will now transmit the ICJ’s provisional measures regarding Israel to the UN Security Council. Guterres later posted on social media the message that “protecting civilians is not negotiable”.

“Wars have rules that everyone must respect,” he wrote.

How can you trust that Israel will comply this time. They haven't in all previous times... Yet what else can he do with the US thwarting everything the UN tries to de-escalate the situation. US has never cared about international law. Rules only apply to 'others'.

ICJ ruling a milestone showing Israel crossed all limits: Euro-Med monitor

Maha Hussaini, strategy director of Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, says the ICJ decision is an important and crucial step the world has awaited for decades, not just since the beginning of “the genocide” that started on October 7.

“This is finally a recognition by the international community that has long resorted to only timid statement about Israel’s violations,” she told Al Jazeera in Deir el-Balah.

Hussaini said that it is a recognition that “what Israel is doing in the Gaza Strip has actually crossed all limits”. She added that for decades, the international community has continued not to only to defend, but also supported Israel by providing arms that have been involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity.

“The Palestinians have lost faith in humanity. They were abandoned and failed by the international community. This is now a milestone.”

US Senator Bernie Sanders says US ignores crimes in Gaza at its peril

Sanders warned the US that if it ignored the “crimes against humanity” being committed in Gaza, it would not have any credibility to criticise “the actions of any country, no matter how terrible those actions may be”.

In a post on social media accompanied by a video of the Vermont senator making a speech, Sanders said the US “claims to be the leader of the free world”.

“At our best, we try to mobilise countries to uphold international law and prevent crimes against humanity,” he said.

“How will the United States be able to criticise any country in the world? Whether it is Russia, China, Saudi Arabia or anyone else, any other country in the world, if we pretend [about] that what is happening in Gaza. If we actually believe what Netanyahu is saying,” he said.

That pretense was shattered long ago. The US has a bloody history full of war crimes.

People’s Conference for Palestine – Thousands attend workshops in Michigan

Thousands of protesters against Israel’s war on Gaza are gathering in Michigan to plan the next stage of their campaign.

The People’s Conference for Palestine runs for three days and will hear from dozens of speakers as they work out tactics and strategies to stop the killing of more Palestinians.