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160rmf said:
LegitHyperbole said:

The standard switch should be doing better but it gets to 360p at times. Maybe there'll be a few games with graphics like you said but sense Nintendo doesn't focus on them and Switch doesn't get AAA exclusives the games will be stripped down versions of ps5/X focused games and they'll not reach the beauty of Horizon forbidden west. Depends on where the developers make the concessions with the porting I suppose. 

Well, base ps4 can run that game with no serious compromises

It's funny how small the differences are between those three, even from PS4 base to PS5. It's like playing a game of trying to look really close to see any differences haha. I'm sure if you're playing on a really big screen 4k TV the difference is noticeable, but that's probably it. Noticeable graphical advancements are getting pretty small between the gens these days.

If S2 can run those PS4 base graphics with good framerate you can't really ask for more than that.