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US Senator Bernie Sanders says world cannot allow Israel’s ‘barbarism’ to continue in Gaza.

“This is what they have done,” Sanders wrote in a post on social media, citing earlier orders given by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant for his troops to impose “a complete siege on the Gaza Strip”, which would deny food, fuel and electricity to the Palestinian territory.

“We are fighting human animals and we are acting accordingly,” Gallant said at the time, according to Sanders.

“The world community cannot allow this barbarism,” Sanders added.

Videos show Harvard commencement ‘walkout’ in solidarity with Gaza protesters

Videos shared online capture the moment when hundreds of Harvard University students walked out of their commencement ceremony to show solidarity with students who were prevented from graduating because of their role in a Gaza solidarity encampment.

We reported earlier how student commencement speaker Shruthi Kumar went off script from her speech to lambast Harvard authorities for making “freedom of speech” and “expressions of solidarity” a “punishable” offence at the university.

Biden administration could support peacekeeping force in post-war Gaza: Report

The Biden administration is considering appointing a top US civilian adviser to support a Palestinian- or Arab-led peacekeeping force in post-war Gaza, reports Politico, quoting four anonymous US officials.

The civilian official would be based in the region and work closely with the force’s commanding officer, who would be either Palestinian or Arab. Two anonymous officials who spoke to Politico said the adviser could be based in Sinai, Egypt, while another said it could be in Jordan.

The United States is anticipating that it will play a prominent role in supporting post-war governance in Gaza, though what that will look like is yet to be determined, Politico reports.

The Biden administration is attempting to convince Arab states, including Egypt, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates, to join the peacekeeping force. “It’ll be easier to get them to come along if we’re there playing a part, and we’re prepared to play that role,” one anonymous official said.

The main difficulty will be getting the Palestinians to (ever) trust the US again. Plus if Trump wins in November this will go nowhere.

GOP lawmakers grill university presidents over campus protests

A Republican-controlled congressional committee held the latest in a series of hearings on campus protests that were staged in solidarity with Gaza at universities across the US.

The hearings focused on accusations rather than fact-finding. Republicans accused universities of being hotbeds of anti-Semitism, frequently cutting off college presidents as they tried to explain their actions regarding campus protests.

Democrats argued the hearing was politically motivated, aimed at scoring points with right-wing voters. The war in Gaza, with more than 35,000 people killed by Israeli forces, was scarcely mentioned.